07 February 2016

This Week // #41

Kendra Dandy Valentine's Artwork
The cutest Valentine's day artwork. Just click for the source (it is downloadable for your phone too!)


Learning something new. My sister taught herself to crotchet before Christmas and has made some totally gorgeous things. I laughed at her lots of being a nana with her ball of wool on her lap all the time and now I need to eat my words. It is pretty addictive and my mind is full of pictures of giant crotchet blankets and thick wool scarves. I haven't felt like sewing in a while (I think the whole making my own wedding dress thing has fulfilled my sewing quota for a bit) and this is a nice change.


Catching up. I have been loving some time with my friends. One of my really good friends came to stay last week and I spent yesterday afternoon putting the world to rights with the girls from my old job, who are fab and I miss like crazy. Work takes up so much time and weekends are that precious chance to catch up with the people you can't see every day. It is good for the soul to spend time with great people.


Heeled boots. All day every day. I've found my sweet spot with heel height finally (1 1/2 inches just so ya' know) and can finally manage a day in them. So of course, they are all I'm wearing. Something about a little bit of heel makes everything look so much more flattering!


About some downtime. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment (I think it is just that time of the year) and a few days of dong absolutely nothing, without having to tidy up or go shopping or run errands, sound like utter bliss right now. It isn't going to happen, but it is nice to daydream. For now, I'll just enjoy some quiet evenings on the sofa and maybe a few good long baths when I can!


Links of the Week: 

Love some of these designers. Always fun seeing what people are doing to make ethical fashion an actual *thing* 

Laura from Lola & Behold has been asking a lot of twitter questions recently and she has written this post about blogging from the results. SO interesting and a great read for any bloggers or brands working with bloggers.

It is almost Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, there are always some great features around. I love these DIY Rap Lyric cards and I am downloading all of these tech backgrounds because they are ridiculously cute.

Thought this was a really interesting article. Lots of people find my ethical fashion pledge... well, a bit weird. And that's interesting considering how much more accepting we are of things like Veganism and buying only Cruelty Free make up. Why do people not like it when you buy ethical fashion?

Annnnnd just Matthew Lewis being a babe because every Sunday can do with a little bit of Matthew Lewis eye candy...

Catch up with Chambray & Curls:


04 February 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Alternative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Whilst I am never going to turn my nose up at a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers, I have to admit that I love a special gift that is just a little bit different. I love knick knacks, beauty treats and I will always be a sucker for a good accessory. So, I thought I would gather together some of the things that I adore and think would make the most amazing gifts this Valentine's day. Go on, time to get hinting...

Treat You Self Print by Cat Coquillette 1. Treat Yo Self Print by Cat Coquillette £24.00
Parks and Rec forever. I adore Cat Coquillette's prints and this one never fails to make me smile. Her shop is full of gorgeous prints with quotes to make you happy and I reckon anyone would love to have one of these to keep.

Umbra Giraffe Ring Holder 2. Giraffe Ring Holder by Umbra £8.75
Because what girl doesn't love a trinket holder? The whole range of these sweet animal ring holders are too cute to believe and make the perfect little gift. They have elephants and bunnies too and I want them all!

The Workshop Ring Box
3. The Workshop Ring Box £95.00
I actually won this in a twitter competition and I am so impressed by it. Basically, it is everything you need to carve and shape your perfect ring out of wax. Then you send it back to The Workshop and they cast a solid silver or gold ring from your design. I absolutely cannot wait to recieve mine back and I can't image a better romantic guesture. They also do workshops you can attend if you prefer a little more guidance whilst you learn how to make your own ring. I am so in love with this whole company!

Lookfantastic #LFLOVES Beauty Box 4. The Lookfantastic Beauty Box #LFLOVES Edit £15.00
The best kind of present for a beauty fanatic. The February #LFBEAUTYBOX makes me smile every time I look at it, That box! The magazine! The contents! I think these make such a good present and this one is just too perfect for Valentine's day.

Jo Malone Bath Oil and Cologne 5. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil and Blush Suede and Peony Cologne £54.00 and £42.00
Jo Malone will forever be my favourite. The Pomegranate Noir I wore on my wedding day and I just adore it. Whether it be a bath oil, a candle, or a cologne, nothing feels like more of a treat. Total luxury.

For the real big spenders out there, I really think that nothing is better than a gorgeous bag. Especially if it is a ridiculously cute mini cross body bag with gold hardware. I honestly love this bag far more than I should and I don't think I am the only one that would feel like that. Guaranteed to earn months and months of brownie points!

Will any of these going on your wishlist? Or are you a traditional card and flowers kind of person? Either way, I hope you have a wonderful galentine/valentine/me time day!

31 January 2016

BEAUTY // Evening Skincare Favourites

Evening skincare routine Following on from chatting about my morning routine, I thought I'd share my current evening routine too. I've been introduced to some amazing products over the last few months (perks of working for a beauty company) and I am absolutely loving my evening routine right now.
For a bit of background, my skin is a little difficult. It is quite sensitive and can go red and dry easily, but it is also very easily congested. So I need to have products which manage to clear up the blackheads without stripping, as well as products which nourish my skin without blocking it up. It's a balancing act, I tell you. But right now I'm in my sweet spot thanks to these babies:

evening make up removers and cleansers

The cleansers

I really like taking my make up off with oils and balms. I am lazy,and I like being able to remove my eye make up and my face make up in one go. The DHC Cleansing Oil is amazing at taking everything off. I used to use the Shu Uemura oil  so I am pretty happy to have found a (slightly) more affordable option. For days when my skin is extra dry, I love the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm*. It smells amazing and takes off every bit of make up. Both of these need to be applied to a dry face, and the Pixi Balm needs to be wiped off with a muslin cloth whilst the DHC Oil emulsifies with warm water.

After taking off my make up, I give my skin a proper cleanse. This has been made SO much better thanks to my FOREO Luna. Seriously, this is amazing. Normal cleansing brushes feel a bit icky to me, like they never clean out properly, but this is really hygienic and rinses totally clean every time. It is also way less harsh than the normal cleansing brushes but leaves my skin so clean. I'm currently trying out a few cleansers, but the Balance Me  Pure Skin Face Wash and the Avene Cleansing Foam are on rotation right now.

The final cleansing step is my absolute favourite: the Pixi Glow Tonic*. Total cult product and I was ridiculously happy to hear they were stocking it on HQ Hair. It really does feel as amazing as everyone says. My skin really doesn't react well to alcohol toners so this is a godsend and I want to use it forever, thank you please. Gimme the glow.

Evening skincare treatments

The treatments

The evening is when I tend to apply most of my more targeted skincare. I have already mentioned my love for the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum*, and I use that morning and evening before anything else.

For treating any blackheads or skin problems, I have been using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ at least a year and I actually can't do without it. I am trying out the Avene Cleanance Expert as a comparison right now and the Avene feels a little richer on the skin although it is meant to target blackheads and blemishes in a similar way to the Effaclar so I am intrigued to see how that goes. I'll have to let you know whether it can ever replace my favourite.

Finally, because I am getting over the hill, I have started using to anti-ageing night care. The NIOD Serum is designed to help longterm and the Vichy Skin Sleep gives some immediately visible effects. I definitely notice my skin looking fresher and plumper in the morning. Slather a layer on and I can pretend those early wake ups and busy days aren't taking their toll! 

What do you think of my evening skincare favourites? Any of your favourites in there?