12 July 2016

Style // Culottes

nobody's child culotte jumpsuit Oh it has been a while hasn't it? What with being away in Cyprus, the nightmare ofBrexit and the shitstorm of bad news that has followed it, I really haven;t been in the headspace for blogging... As I said on twitter, I either seem to have all the words floating around but no photos or all the photos to taken and no words to string together... So, I'm going to try again to put together both words and photos and see what we can do here.

These last few months I've been trying new things. New places, being around new people, doing new stuff and trying on new silhouettes. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and I've definitely felt a little like that this year so I've been trying to say 'why not' a little more. So, here is me, wearing culottes for the first time since I was in the Brownies and actually loving it!

summer loose floaty jumpsuit Relaxed summer hair and makeup Culottes and espadrilles Summertime staple outfit
Wearing- Jumpsuit: Nobody's Child; Espadrilles; Soludos via Coggles (currently on sale!)

I bought pretty much all of my holiday wardrobe from Nobody's Child but this jumpsuit has wormed its way into my everyday wardrobe with the help of a lightweight jumper. I love it too much to relegate it to only 20C+ days (there haven't been many since I got home..) The fit is perfect, I love the length and the pattern adds just the right amount of jazz to my usual black. It is love.

Seeing as it feels forever, fill me in on how you're been doing? How has Summer been treating you?



19 June 2016

Life // Thoughts on Grief

This post has been swirling around my head for a while and honestly? I'm not sure whether I will post it or keep it up for long but if your blog isn't a place to empty thoughts and feelings, then where is?

Grief is a funny thing. When I was young, I thought grief was crying over gravesides; a dramatic, overpowering sadness at losing someone that fades and then disappears. I've discovered that grief is not linear, going from huge to small in one neat line over a period of time, like I thought. Instead it undulates and twists, going quiet for months, sometimes years and then the most unexpected thing can bring it back, fresh and new as the day you first felt it. But grief is a private members club. Until you experience it yourself, you don't quite get it.

I became a member when I got a phonecall to say my dad had died, unexpectedly, as he went into work. I had sat my last exam of my first year of university that morning and none of us knew until my mum came home from work to a policeman. Then followed a hideous blur of trying to get back to halls from town, explain to harry what had happened without being able to say the words and then trying to get myself 300 miles back home to see my mum and my sister and to say goodbye to my dad.

I don't remember the fresh grief very well if I'm honest, that graveside grief that you see on tv shows. My mind has numbed that raw shock. I spent the weeks before the funeral drawing and handwriting all the programmes for his funeral to distract myself and then somehow we had to all live on in this new world. Somehow a year passed and I don't remember much at all of how I felt or what I did, or how I behaved. Life went on, I had birthdays, sat exams, moved houses, all without dad around and with my mum and sister in their own worlds of loss. We did cry at his graveside, but the grief has been so much more than that.

It was only after a year or so that I started being really aware of that quieter grief that carries on and sits gently in wait. What I realised is that I was not and am not sad all the time. I do not spend all my days feeling the loss and feeling sad. But the sadness is still there, biding its time, waiting for the oddest moments to hit.

I didn't cry on my wedding day without my dad. I didn't cry when I graduated (twice) and he wasn't there. I don't always cry on the anniversary of his death and I don't get sad at Christmas- I mainly think about all the food! Father's day isn't the worst. All of the expected 'difficult days' usually aren't that bad for me.

But there are moments where it comes back and hits me so hard it is like being winded. Like the first time I had to drive a different route across country and realised I couldn't ask my dad and his inner a-z for the best way. Like when I ran out of diesel late at night after working on a set and couldn't remember how to bleed the injectors to get the car going- I sobbed like a little girl because he had shown me how to do it and I couldn't call him to remember. Sometimes I get a jolt of shock when someone walks down a busy street wearing the same shirt as dad always wore. I often find the perfect present for him in a shop by accident and feel that perfect happiness before it hits that there is no point in buying it. The most unexpected moments can bring a wave of anguish.

This year, on the anniversary of dad's death, I cried more than I have in years. It wasn't the day itself. It was that I had to calculate how many years it had been since he died and the fact it has been 7 years hit me hard. It dawned on me that at 27 now, almost all of my adult life has been lived without him. Without him really knowing me and without me getting to know him. It was the realisation that I will live so much more of my life without him than I ever did with him. The realisation that I can already barely count the years, remember his voice or picture his face clearly, when I have decades of unlived life still ahead. I cried and cried, then I went to work and carried on living, with the grief settling quietly in again as I laughed and smiled with friends.

I'm aware now that this strange grief will always be around. I may be 90 and still see something that brings tears into my eyes and an ache in my heart. I know that other losses will add to this over the years, that I will go through that pain and sadness all over again, and it is terrifying. But I also know that it will ebb and flow and I will live alongside it. It doesn't stop joy or fun or excitement or all the other good things that you feel as you live. I just miss my dad and sometimes I wish it was all as simple as I thought it was when I was younger.

12 June 2016

This Week // #46

Hydrangeas Doing: 
Prepping like mad. I'm off to Cyprus for 10 days on Thursday and I'm so excited for sunshine and time with family but it means covering for almost 2 weeks of work in advance, so lots and lots of busy writing days have been going on! It will make the break all the sweeter though, once it's done.
My new gel manicure. I always feel so much better with a manicure but my psoriasis has been flaring up in my nails and it doesn't react well with most polishes so I've been bare nailed for months. Gel manis usually help so I took the plunge and headed to Only Fingers And Toes in Harvey Nichols for a bit of a preen. It feels so much better and I'm so happy to have it all ready for my holiday.
All of my winter clothes, still... This weekend has been miserable! It is so awkward finding clothes that work with soaking rain and wind while it is still warm... Not a day for espadrilles, that's for sure.
Of adventures. We're off to Cyprus this week, we have a trip to Iceland booked for October and just booked tickets for a break in Berlin next Spring. It is fun planning out all these little trips, discovering new places. I'm spending far too long on pinterest and google, hunting down the best spots to explore.
Links of the Week: 
This sums up the struggles that I have with ethical decisions. OK so I try to shop ethically, but I'm not vegan. I try to recycle but I'm still shit at turning the tap off while I brush my teeth. Is it even possible to do everything right?
Scarphelia is always the one for beautiful writing but this piece really hit home. How can you just be yourself when you don't know what that is?
I've been eyeing up the planters on Att Pynta for a while so I loved this piece on how they're made. I love knowing the stories behind things I buy.
With all the hideous new at the moment, I've been trying to take moments to enjoy silliness and smile. Look at this photoshoot and I dare you to not smile.

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How has your week been? Let me know what you've been up to