My love affair with Jo Malone products started 5 years ago on my gap year. I was looking for a big thank you present for a family friend who let me stay at her Californian Beach house for a fortnight at the end of my gap year travelling. This really was as blissful as it sounds! We were collected from the bus station, the fridges and cupboards were stocked and clean sheets on the beds, and the beach was just 5 steps outside the door. After 3 months sleeping on greyhound buses and in some interesting hostels, it was complete and utter heaven. With all of that considered, I wanted to find her a proper thank you present.On my search I found Jo Malone – classic, elegant and very English. I decided on the Grapefruit home candle which fitted the Californian freshness and from that point I was hooked. Every time I saw a concession I could help popping in for a sniff and a spritz. And this was all without actually owning any of the products!

My obsession didn’t go entirely unnoticed and a couple of Christmases ago I was lucky enough to find a little bottle of bath oil in my stocking. Since then I have been gifted the Pomegranate Noir bath oil, the Red Roses travel candle and the Pomegranate Noir Fragrance Chronicles. Now that I have been able to use these so often, I can finally talk about them properly; and also, when better than just before Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday is next Sunday for those who might have forgotten!)?

Red Roses Travel Candle

Is there anything nicer than a scented candle? And these really are incredible. They smell gorgeous unlit and unlike so many candles, the scent strengthens when lit. My sister has the Pomegranate Noir one and it is just as scented. I was amazed at how such a teeny candle can make make my entire flat smell delicious. So many scented candles are a letdown but not these. The formula is also very different to cheaper candles- it melts into almost an oil whilst lit, which then resolidifies. It burns really well and I was surprised at the lasting power of this (I was given it this Christmas and have lit it a lot especially during my revision period!). I adore the Red Roses, Pomegranate Noir and English Pear and Freesia. Price wise, they are the same as Diptyque candles at £22 for the Travel Candles, £38 for the Home Candles and they also have the huge Luxury Candles at £260 for is you win the lottery! They definitely are an extravagance but really do make incredible gifts. I am very very tempted to get myself a home candle now that I have burnt my travel candle down to the ground. I am mourning its demise desperately! 

Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil

I have had the bath oil in Lime Basil and Mandarin and Pomegranate Noir and been really impressed with both. Again, the strength of the scents is amazing. Half a capful fills the bathroom with the gorgeous scent and it lasts for the whole wallow. The oil disperses in the water and just leaves your skin so soft, but without any oily residue. As a plus the scent stays on your skin all day too! It is my ultimate treat. It comes in a either the 250ml at £38.00 or the glass 200ml at £52.00. I would say that my 250ml bottle lasts me about 6 months, because you don’t need loads of the product each time, so it actually isn’t a bad price. 

The Pomegranate Noir Fragrance Chronicles

This. is. incredible. I have worked in a fragrance hall and not a single perfume has ever come close to this for me. I have always wanted to be one of those people who has a signature scent- where you smell that perfume and are instantly reminded of them. Out of all the Jo Malone fragrances, the Pomegranate  is my utter favourite. It is so unlike any other and it is always the one I keep coming back to. My sister completely spoilt me with this collection for my last birthday. The Fragrance Chronicles comes packages in a lovely hardback box, shaped like an elegant hardback, with all your fragrances slotted in. It tells you all about your chosen fragrance on the interior.

The Fragrance Chronicles are such a clever idea- it combines the main fragrance with 3 smaller bottles of accent scents, which when combined with the original, create a whole new set of scents. I adore the fragrance combining that Jo Malone does. With the Pomegranate Noir set you get a 30ml bottle of the Pomegranate Noir Cologne, and a 9ml of the Casablanca Lily, Rasperry and Guaiacwood Colognes. Each Cologne brings out either the top, heart or base notes of the original scent and completely changes the way you might want to wear it. I love this, mainly because I think the kind of scent you want can change according to the season or the occasion. I find that with the Rasperry, it becomes a sweeter scent, which I love for a more girly feel. The Casablanca Lily makes it much more floral and lighter, which would be so perfect for bright summery days, and then the Guaiacwood makes it a richer, woodier scent which is lovely in the winter and as an evening fragrance. And in addition the extra colognes all smell amazing on their own too. This is the perfect way to have a signature scent without getting boring.

Jo Malone does Fragrance Chronicles in 4 of its most popular scents: Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil and Mandarin, Red Roses and English Pear and Freesia, which all cost £72. It is more pricey than the single perfumes but a really special thing to own.You can also buy the fragrances singly for £36 for 30ml or £72 for 100ml. Again it seems pricey but in actual fact it is pretty much the same price as the same size Chanel perfumes, and having had a fair bit of experience of Chanel perfumes (I worked on their counter too) I would choose Jo Malone’s Fragrances any day.

Concluding thoughts:

Jo Malone is a luxury brand that I think is really special. All of the products that I have tried have been really high quality and are items I would consider buying for myself too (if only my finances allowed!).The packaging is perfectly simple and elegant, and the glass bottles would look utterly lovely on any dresser. When you buy any item, it comes in a gorgeous presentation box, with scented tissue paper. If you are looking to spoil yourself or anyone else, it is an amazing choice. Mother’s day is also coming up and their gift finder lets you browse what is in your price bracket (plus any online purchase comes with two sample fragrances). Considering a bunch of flowers can be £20, a lovely candle or bath product around the same price is much more luxurious (and lasts a lot longer too!). 

Also with every purchase that I have made or received so far, I have been given a card for a hand and arm massage for me and a friend. This is such a nice touch- you simply make an appointment in any Jo Malone stand and receive a gorgeous arm massage with your chosen scent, whilst sipping on something bubbly. It is a really lovely way to spend an afternoon with a friend, sister or mum. Seriously, you might have noticed I have nothing but praise for this company! If you haven’t tried anything of Jo Malone before, I really recommend popping into one of their stores or concessions and having a good sniff! 

Have any of you tried Jo Malone? Do you have a favourite scent?