chambray and curls blogspot recipe french toast berries simple
chambray and curls blogspot recipe french toast berries simple chambray and curls blogspot recipe french toast berries simple

So. I woke up in such a strange mood, and have randomly burst into tears twice this morning for no reason- I’m guessing that its that time of the month and decided there was only one remedy: french toast with berries. I can never decide whether I prefer french toast or pancakes for my ultimate breakfast but today the french toast definitely won. Combine with star shapes and fresh bright flowers, and I’m a new woman! Even if I haven’t got dressed all day…

chambray and curls blogspot recipe french toast berries simple
chambray and curls blogspot recipe french toast berries simple

 Recipe for one person


For the french toast:

2 slices of bread (the poorer quality, the more it soaks up the egg. This is just standard white bread which I really only advise eating for treats like this)

1 egg

1/2 tbsp caster sugar

2 tbsp of milk

splash of vanilla extract or essence

a good knob of butter for frying

For the berry sauce:

Berries (I just used some frozen ones)

1 tsp honey

squeeze of lemon juice


For the french toast:

In a wide bowl, break your egg, pop in the sugar, vanilla extract and milk. Whisk it all together so that the sugar dissolves and it all looks like custard

Prep your bread! Some people like taking off the crusts. I made mine into stars by using some cookie cutters I have (thanks Lola!) 

Then soak the bread in the egg mix, making sure both sides are covered. If your bowl is too small to fit all your bread at once, do them one at a time and pop your dipped one on a plate while you do the next 

Pop a frying pan on your hob, put the heat to hot but not quite the hottest setting,and pop the butter into it to melt

When the butter is bubbling a little, put your eggy bread into the pan! The butter should crisp up and caramelise all the outside! After about a minute, flip to other side. The cooking times might depend on how thick your bread slices are, so just keep an eye on it- there is nothing sadder than burnt french toast!

Serve, hot from the pan and eat it all as soon as you can!

For the berry sauce:

You can do this either on the hob in a small saucepan or in the microwave. 

On the hob, just pop all the berries, honey and a quick splash of lemon juice into the pan and let it bubble away until the liquid from the berries thickens up a little. It should take about five to ten minutes

In the microwave, pop all the ingredients into a bowl and cover with cling film, and microwave for a minute to cook the berries. Then take the clingfilm off and pop in for another 2 minutes for some of the water to evaporate and the sauce to thicken.

Whichever way you choose, pour it all over your french toast and enjoy! 

Some ideas

Use maple syrup instead of sugar for a richer flavour

Use cookie cutters to make any shapes you fancy- hearts for your loved one for example? If you do this, you can save the extra bread trimmings for breadcrumbs by putting them in a sandwich bag and into the freezer. Then you just crumble them straight from the freezer to use

Make it an after dinner treat by splashing a creamy spirit like baileys or kahlua into the egg mix, and a little vodka or gin into the berries

Be really indulgent and add clotted cream or your favorite ice cream alongside

Use croissants instead of bread, cut in half and dipped in the same egg mix

Go on, make it. For someone you love or just for yourself when you need a cheering up. Why not?