Now, I am aware that it is now 7 days into the new year so this is a little late. But, seeing as most of these were not going to come into play until I came back from Cyprus, it made sense to me to leave it to when I start them. I love the clean slate feeling of New Year. Its one of those times where anything feels possible!

I’ve been thinking alot about what I want for this year. 2012 was a really good year for me, with a ton of changes – I moved 300 miles back down to the South Coast, I got a distinction in my Masters and then decided to move from law to the creative sector and I’ve ended up with a job as a Drama Technician building and painting sets, doing costumes and props. I did NOT expect to be doing that! It feels like things just worked out really well for me, and I really hope the same will be true in 2013. But, I don’t believe things can ever be completely down to luck and there are lots of things I want to happen over the next year. So, resolutions it is 🙂 So, here are my 13 goals for this year- things that are good for my mind, body and soul.



I want too keep learning some new things this year. My job is pretty much all brand new which is fun, but I want to teach myself more about photoshop, HTML and photography this year. 



Its time to get organised! It saves time, money and stress. Meal plans and blog planning especially. The main thing is to DO stuff, not put it off for another day. An appointment needs made, an email needs sent, a task needs doing… get it done! 



This is one of those things that just slips to the side when stuff is busy but I want to make time for it again. I’m doing a whole tone of creative stuff at work now but not much for myself. Sewing, DIY projects, stuff just for fun. Look out for more DIY Fridays in the future! 



I tend to read the same books over and over again (hello Fleming’s James Bond Books and Harry Potter!) I got a kindle fire for Christmas which I love and its the perfect excuse to read something different. Advice books, trash books, the classics I’ve missed. Anything NEW



This is a huge one for me. I fret about money alot and often feel pretty stressed about my student loans. I want to get some savings, and stop wasting money on silly things. I’m following the phrase ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’. I am going to put away my savings as soon as I’m paid each month, and budget to the remainder. This should help encourage some of my other goals too, like 3 and 7! 



I know, I know, a complete January cliche! It may just be Christmas but I am feeling like my weight has crept up again, and I don’t like it. I’ve got about 10kg I can lose to get down to my ultimate weight and feel strong. I’ve been there before and I’d like to be there again. I don’t like feeling negative about my body, so I’m going to change it. 



So the obvious conclusion is changes to these 🙂 This isn’t too hard as my other half is a diet and fitness expert (his site is here) and I just need to follow the plans he sets me! He doesn’t do fads, and focuses on manageable changes for the long term. That 10kg isn’t coming off in January that’s for sure! This is a 2013 and beyond thing. I’m really motivated by his work with Rosie and want to get back on teh wagon with it all. If people would like, I’ll do a more detailed post on this at a later date 🙂



As I said, we moved back down South and have taken over my mum’s house for her. It needs a bit of work and a lot of revamping. We did a good amount over the last few months but this is the year for finishing things off. I really enjoy DIY and like doing practical jobs so making things look good should make me feel good! A task a week 🙂 



I’m bored of my hair. I want a change. But I don’t know what! I’m in that usual thing of having tried to grow my hair out for ages (It was a pixie crop 4 years ago!) and now I’m deathly bored. Plus, I want to start trying out more styling methods. Plaits, waves, curls, straightening, up, down, anything! Any ideas for something fun?



I’m a notorious hermit and find it really easy to just make a nothing excuse and stay at home. Moving away from Manchester means finding a new set of friends again so I want to make sure I say Yes to more things this year. Plus, I need to stop being a disorganised bum and make time to call/ email/ write/ see my old friends. I’m lucky enough to have loads of brilliant people in my life and I want to make sure I let them know that I think they’re the bees knees 🙂 Its too easy to let life get in the way 



More and more over the last year I have found myself thinking about how the smallest gestures can make such a difference to someone. A smile in the street, a genuine have a good day to shop assistants, helping someone out when they drop stuff or have a heavy bag… It can be so easy to think of something negative (ugh horrid leggings/ bad hair. grumpy face etc…) when wandering around and I want to stop that and make small efforts. Maybe it’ll be passed on 🙂



I’ve got a few dreams held tight to my chest and this year I want to really take steps towards making them happen. No waiting. Do. And when I’m scared, remember that is a good thing. 



Again, its easy to be caught in a bubble and whinge- that I can’t afford something pretty, that I am busy, that I’m tired, that I want things. I hate that feeling and I hope that being more grateful will stop it. I have a wonderful boyfriend, a wonderful family, a job I enjoy, plenty of things and a lovely place to live. And I need to be more grateful for all my blessings. 

I know this is a TON of writing, but I think a big part of achieving goals is to make them public, and make myself accountable. So, once a month I want to post about my goals, and how far I am getting on with them. Then, at the end of the year I’ll be able to see how much I’ve achieved.

Have you made your goals for the year? Do you want to join along with any of these? I’d love to see your progress over the year, and of course your support would help me a ton. Lets make 2013 a great year! 


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