chambray and curls accessories ear cuff jewellery

chambray and curls accessories ear cuff jewellery

I’ve talked before about getting dressed for work (here). The fact that I tend to be doing alot of messy things (hello paint) means I don’t invest in a work wardrobe, and I’m finding myself wearing the same things time and time again. Its been getting a little dull each morning, but don’t they say that variety is the spice of life? I have always thought there is one easy way to make outfits more interesting: jewellery. I find myself drawn more and more to interesting bits and pieces, to liven up simple, classic outfits. My newest addition for the grand price of £2.50 in the Topshop sale is this ear cuff. I love the way it winds up the edge of the ear, and its simple design. I think ear cuffs are probably a bit too cool for me but I really like that they are a little unexpected. Some of the jewelled ones are incredible! Plus, like this I get to put that second ear piercing I did myself age 14 to some use again (sorry mum…!) 


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