Seeing as it was my half-term break, and the boy and I haven’t had much quality time together over the last few months for one reason or another, we decided to try and get away for a night. Cue much online investigating into where we could go (kind of my favourite part. Its like window shopping – you get to pretend for a moment you can afford it all! What do you mean a suite at Cliveden House isn’t within our budget?) Eventually we thought, why bother with going somewhere we’d need to travel to when we haven’t had much chance to explore nearby yet!? So we booked a night in Brighton and happily set off on the 40min train ride there 🙂

I used to know Brighton well before I went to Uni, but haven’t seen much of it in the last 4 years. It was lovely to rediscover old favourites, and find some new ones. Fish and chips, brisk walks on the pier, wanders down the laines, tons of good food and lots of laughter together. Our hotel was really incredible but I’ll talk all about that in another post. For now, enjoy some photos from our jaunt 🙂 A break away together, even if it was just to down the road, was perfect.

chambray and curls Brighton Sea front
chambray and curls Brighton Florist
chambray and curls Brighton Pier
chambray and curls Brighton Laines
chambray and curls Brighton Street art
chambray and curls Brighton Pavillion Rooftops
chambray and curls Houses in Brighton

Now I’m off to have a lazy evening doing my nails and reading blogs, whilst reminiscing over our little holiday at home. I need to psych myself up for going back to work tomorrow! Eep! 


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