chambray and curls all I want for valentines

Roses and chcolates are all very lovely, but there are a few other Valentine’s appropriate things which make my heart pitter patter

1. To walk around in a haze of roses all day {Red Roses Cologne – Jo Malone}

2. To wear your heart on your sleeve {Love Jumper with Heart Elbow Patches – Asos}

3. To give kisses sweet as sugar {Pink Lipstick shade 4 – MUA}

4. To feel like Titania Queen of Fairies, because who doesn’t want that? {Pale pink floral headband – K is for Kani via Etsy}

I may also just dream about whether this beautiful Agent Provocateur set could ever be mine… Oh my it is stunning! Which things are speeding up your heart rate with love this Valentine’s? 


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