chambray and curls
Isn’t clothing a funny thing? Working in costume design at the moment has had me mulling over what our clothing choices mean, what they do and what they reveal. Here I am, in a job that requires me to scrutinise clothing choices, and how those could be perceived. And  you know what? When you think about it, it is incredible just how much it does influence. We base so many of our impressions of others upon what they look like. We so easily place people into boxes according to what they are wearing. It is a form of communication that we barely acknowledge, and yet it underpins so many of our interactions. And despite that, to think and care about clothes is somehow always seen as vacuous, vain and irrelevant…

One reason why I have always loved clothes, is because of their transformative powers. One day you can be one character, the next, someone completely different. We can see that in the personas designers create in their collections: one season their muse is entirely different from the next. The mood changes. The kind of woman they are putting forward changes. And that is how I always feel about getting dressed, it is always a version of dressing up, of putting on my character for the day.Some days I want to feel soft and pretty, some I want to feel bold and confident, some chic, some quirky, some tomboyish, some slobby… I pick out what I want to be that day. It can make my whole body behave differently, my attitude and expressions alter. And that’s the fun of it. I like choosing what kind of woman I want to be for a little while. So, you know how there are some people who wear a uniform- they have a formula for every outfit and it all relies on a set of basics? I’ve always wanted to be one of those, and yet I am just not. Instead, I’ll always be a chameleon, changing my character for the day.

chambray and curls chambray and curls
chambray and curls

wearing- jeans: gap; turtleneck: primark; boots: new look; perspex necklace: c/o nellie; beanie: borrowed from my young man; socks: M&S; Glasses: Specsavers mens.

You might just be able to tell from the outfit,  but I’m on a bit of a tomboy kick at the moment. The glasses, the beanie, the baggy denim and boots. I don’t want to wear ‘pretty’ right now. I want to wear that borrowed from the boyfriend look that always seems to highlight femininity rather than make us look like boys. Plus, why not enjoy some of the perks of menswear? I definitely took inspiration from some boys I know by adding a pair of very bright socks to the mix (who doesn’t love a bit of vibrant sock flash!) This was who I wanted to be today. Plus, you know what? Its really damn comfy. Baggy jeans and jumpers forever. And yet, tomorrow I may be in a pretty skirt and glittery earrings, who knows.

So this ended up being a bit of a longwinded post, but I just wanted to spill a few thoughts that were going around my head. What about you? Do you have a uniform? Or does what you want to wear depend on your mood like me? Do you think most bloggers like to put on a character?


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