On Saturday I was lucky enough to head across to Brighton to meet a whole ton of lovely local bloggers and spend the day chatting about our various beauty addictions, watching some fab presentations and eating a whole load of good food. What more could you want from a day huh! 

First we all met up in The Globe Pub, all introducing ourselves and getting chatting before a presentation from two lovely Lush girls who showed us how they make their fabulous products. There was alot of nervous chatter which eased into happy laughing. Laura from Lola and Behold, who organised the whole event, also had a fun little raffle before handing us all out our personalised goody bags. It kind of felt like the best kid’s party you ever went to!

chambray and curls chambray and curls 

chambray and curls

chambray and curls

Then we all went for a wander to MySalonLooks towards Hove who showed us how they do their fabulous Shu Uemura Hair Experience. I might have fallen dangerously in love with some products! We were treated like absolute queens, being presented not only macarons and bucks fizz, but also a complimentary hairdryer or straighteners! I chose the straighteners, and  you can be sure that those will be being review some time soon. It was a gorgeous salon with wonderful staff and so I am now working out when I can next get across to get my hair done! chambray and curls
chambray and curls chambray and curls 

chambray and curls chambray and curls 

After a brief wander around Brighton (hello Montezuma’s chocolate shop!) we all went for supper at Donatello’s and spent so much time gossipping and eating that I failed to get any proper pictures of everyone together! I did get photos of my food though. This probably says alot about me… 

  chambray and curlschambray and curlschambray and curls 

When I got home I was able to open up my goody bag and I was completely blown away! We are seriously lucky girls and I cannot thank both Laura for organising all this, and the companies for their incredible generosity!! I’m really excited by a whole load of these products and can’t wait to get trying them all out and telling you all about the ones I fall in love with. I was especially pleased to see that so many products are from wonderful natural skincare companies. My face is going to be SO grateful! chambray and curls

Goodies aside though, it was so so good to have a chance to meet other local bloggers and to get chatting. I moved back down South fairly recently and and whilst my work colleagues are lovely, they are also much older than I am, so it can be pretty hard to find new friends. I feel really lucky to have something like blogging to help get connected with people, and it was blooming brilliant to meet so many wonderful girls. Thank you especially to Kat (Tales of a Pale Face) and Holly (Vanilla Glitter) for meeting me at the station and helping ease my major nerves at meeting everyone! You made a scary, exciting prospect a whole lot easier!
The final major bonus of the day was finding so many gorgeous new blogs to read. I’m loving browsing through all of them at the moment, so go on, have a little look!

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