I ended up buying this on a whim. My sister wanted to try a BB Cream, and asked me which I thought would be good. Having read Lily from Lilypebble’s post, I suggested she took a look at the Dr Jart+ . And then it turned out to have 1/3 off and my sister had an extra 10% off, making it about £10! So, with that offer going, I couldnt help but have a try for myself. I am oh so glad I did!
chambray and curls Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Review

The Dr Jart+ range has about 4 different BB creams, but the Water Fuse is supposed to be best for dry skin, so it seemed like the best for me. It is a pretty typical BB formula- like a halfway house between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. Colourwise I find it blends perfectly for me in my current very pale state, but obviously it is really only suited for Caucasian skin, which is a shame really. Anyway, I buff it onto my skin using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I love it. It evens out my fairly red skintone and makes my complexion look so much brighter. I’ve been wearing it instead of my usual foundation (Bourgois Healthy Mix Serum) and just love how natural it looks and feels on my skin. Literally my perfect base for the spring and summer months when I don’t want to wear heavy foundation again. So, now comes the evidence!  Photos of my makeup free face and then the transformation! In the name of a proper comparison, all these photos were taken with the same light settings and have had zero editing except cropping. Brace yourselves… chambray and curls Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Review No Make upchambray and curls Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Alone

Left: with no make-up whatsoever. Right: with just Dr Jart+ Water Fuse
Please excuse the Derp face. Clearly morning and no eyeliner makes for an odd expression!
chambray and curls Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Full Makeup
chambray and curls Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Full Makeup
Aaaaand with the rest of my make up!

I think these photos make it pretty clear just how well this BB cream works to just brighten and smooth the skin. Like I said, its definitely love. Dr Jart+ Water Fuse is available at most big Boots stores and online for £12 at the moment. Go, go, go!

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