chambray and curls mood board chambray and curls mood board
chambray and curls mood board
chambray and curls mood board

Good morning! How is your Sunday morning going? If you’re not up to much then I have a little idea for you… I love sites like Pinterest and Tumblr for collating beautiful images, but sometimes it’s nice to go a bit old school. I spent my teens putting together photos I loved, pasting them onto my school books and bedroom walls and I still love having a proper mood board in my office. Every few months I like to go through the pile of magazines I’ve gathered, cut out all the images, colour schemes, fabrics and ideas that I love and pin it all onto a corkboard. I also look at printing off images from the web, my own photos, inspiring quotes and swatches of fabrics, nail varnishes etc that I love. Mood boards always kind of cement my inspirations for the next month or so, because often a theme emerges from the things I pick out, without me having realised it before. At the moment it seems I am obsessing with bright clean interiors with lots of green plants, summer nights, bright colours and quirky shoes 🙂 I also love that the whole thing can evolve as you stick stuff on each time you find something new that you adore. So, this weekend, why don’t you get offline and get making a collage to brighten up your workspace?


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