chambray and curls birthday candles 25
chambray and curls white roses
chambray and curls camera lens mug chambray and curls birthday breakfast
chambray and curls flowers and candles
chambray and curls nikon 35mm f1.8 lens chambray and curls birthday presents
chambray and curls birthday cake and sparklers chambray and curls chocolates

On Thursday I turned 25. A whole quarter of a century! I always saw 25 as the age where you are a proper adult, where you have your sh*t together… Now I am 25? Well, I might not know where things are going to end up, and I am definitely doing things entirely differently to how I expected on my 18th birthday, but I am feeling more and more grateful for my life and the people in it, year on year. I have been spoilt rotten by my loved ones, not only with incredible gifts (that camera lens! beauty goodies! wonderful books!) but also with so many thoughtful gestures and kindnesses, from being whisked to lunch by my work colleagues and messages from friends old and new, to more love and attention from my family and boyfriend than I deserve. If the next 25 years go as well as this one has begun, I will consider myself incredibly lucky. Thank you


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