chambray and curls christmas candles
Posts are few and far between right now, I know. Life has suddenly sped up and every day is needing a thousand things to be done. Its showtime at work, so I’m running around a fair bit trying to get everything prepped for performances. Late nights and busy weekends it is. Time like this is demanding and interesting and frustrating and rewarding, all at the same time. There is lots of being on my feet, lifting and carrying and not to mention painting. SO much painting! But you know how your mind can start feeling drained from all the things whirling around it, and how it can feel to start a new working week on Monday, having only finished the last one at 7 the night before, and the grimness of setting your alarm every morning alongside a list of the things you can’t forget… I’m almost feeling sorry for myself!  On the plus side, I only have to make it to next Friday before a whole three weeks off. Then I can snooze late every morning if I wish, which is much more than many get the chance to do! Anyway, with all the festive spirit in the air right now, I am really looking forward to the end of term and getting the house ready for Christmas. A period of peace and quiet is just what I want right now. I hope your week is going well, and if not, at least you may have an advent calender chocolate to brighten up each morning! Always enjoy the little things 🙂


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