chambray and curls Christmas presents under the tree
chambray and curls Christmas festive front door decorations chambray and curls Christmas wreath Ivy and gold
chambray and curls Christmas family photo
chambray and curls cat asleep at Christmas
chambray and curls Christmas tree in the power cut

chambray and curls Christmas Dinner
chambray and curls Christmas clementine smiles
chambray and curls log fire and candles at Christmas chambray and curls Christmas table decorations 

 So… if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that our Christmas this year certainly ended up memorable! We were planning to have my brother in law’s parents down, my mum’s partner across and have all 7 of us hosted at mine. I’d scrubbed the house, pulled out the fancy tablecloth and the fridge was stuffed full. Everything was ready… and then we woke up on Christmas Eve with no electricity! The storm knocked down some trees into the overhead power lines and so 1/3 of our village was without any power. After a knock round the neighbours to see who else was in the same boat, and grab some hot water from the rest, we got on with making Christmas happened regardless! This might be the only time I was OK with my mama’s hoarding, as we pulled out a ton of candles, brought in a load of extra logs and started making things cosy. Our Christmas Eve supper of smoked salmon and champagne (neither of those need an oven!) was like a scene out of a ridiculous romantic movie, all lit up by candles whilst he logs crackled on the fire…

Christmas day itself still brought no electricity, but was just great regardless. We headed over to the local pub for a hot breakfast of poached eggs (as well as a phone charge!) before starting up the fire again at home, and all bundling in together to open our presents. No Christmas lights or Christmas Carols playing along in the background, but it is surprising just how little you notice that when you’re all together and there is wrapping paper involved! Plus, my Christmas jumper and robin socks were festive enough for us all 🙂

What about Christmas dinner, I hear you cry? I am so grateful we were nearby family, because Christmas dinner just got shifted right across to my mum’s place in the afternoon, where we all squeezed round a small table and ate ourselves silly! My mum is a star, cooking everything despite us having planned for this year to be the year she could just sit down and do nothing! Maybe next year, hey?

So, I might have had to wash my hair in the sink with the last of the hot water, I might have had far fewer cups of tea than are usually required, I might have had to wail ‘We wish you Merry Christmas’ to fill in for Classic FM’s carols and I might have had to find my way to the loo with a candle, but we still had a very merry Christmas! More seriously, I know we were really very lucky compared to many. Our home wasn’t damaged, we were all able to travel safely and spend the day together, we had a fire to keep us warm and candles to light up the house. I just got power back this evening, and I’m so grateful for all the help we’ve had.With the neighbours popping round with flasks of hot water, the pubs and friends letting us charge all our electronics and most importantly, the engineers and staff at UK power Networks who worked over their Christmas to keep us informed and try to get the lines up, I am feeling very grateful for the kindness of others. That said, I am very ready for a hot bath and a cup of tea! With the Christmas lights turned on, of course 🙂 I hope you all kept safe over this stormy Christmas, and had a wonderful day surrounded by lovely people


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