chambray and curls camel coat and ankle boots
chambray and curls bobble hat and camel coat
chambray and curls casual autumnal outfit
chambray and curls classic combination camel and navy
chambray and curls ankle boots and skinny jeans
chambray and curls easy autumn outfit camel and navy

Camel and navy is such a classic mix. I am a fan of neutrals (you might have guessed…) but rarely ever wear these two together. It feels more preppy than I usually go for, I think. This was what I bunged on for an afternoon with my mum, about 3 weeks ago now. Simple and easy. I’m pleased that my purchases from the last year or so all seem to be building up a wardrobe of loved pieces that all mix in well together. I’m trying to be better at wanting less and liking what I have more, and I think it is beginning to work.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. The next time I post will likely be next weekend, i.e. when I have FINISHED work! I’m so looking forward to a rest and, possibly even more than that, making the house Christmassy!!
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