Goodness this post has been a while coming! If you follow me on twitter, you’ll already know that I’m free! I finished work last friday and it is so nice to be orgnaising my own time for a bit. Its been a week full of friends, house sorting, family, dog walks and, of course, christmas decorating, so even though I’ve missed this little old blog, its been nice to enjoy life a bit after such a busy period. For the start of this week, I was over in Brighton. I went to stay with my sister for a couple of days and managed to meet up with some of my favourite brighton blogging ladies for our christmas dinner (thank you SO much for organising things Lilla!). I am sick to death of my boots for now, so, feeling inspired by ladies like Camilla, I dug out an old pair of vans to try out the sport-shoe-as-fashion style. My feet have never been so grateful! I’d forgotten just how good a proper pair of trainers can feel when you’ve got to stomp around town. This is a trend I’m hoping will stick, and I’ve got my eye on a beautiful burgundy New Balance pair…

chambray and curls casual witner outfit with trainers sneakers chambray and curls ripped jeans and trainers
chambray and curls winter outfit camo and trainers

wearing- jeans and polo neck: old Primark; trainers: Vans; Jacket: altered ex military; faux fur collar: charity shop; bag: Morrocco; beanie: Tiger


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