January. All the shops are filled with spring clothes and yet there are still months of weather too chilly for anything not involving long sleeves and thick socks ahead of us. Am I the only one who can’t bear to unlayer until about Easter? I’m constantly cold. Anyway, Spring fashions or not, I’m still firmly interested in investing in my winter wardrobe. I’ve got the itch for some new pieces, partly because I want some new things for our trip to Barcelona (just over 3 weeks away! Yay!), and partly because I’m still working on my ultimate wardrobe thing. I’ve said before that I tend to have a list of 5 or so items I’d like to have in my wardrobe each season, and then I hunt Ebay and charity shops until I find them. This winter is no different. So, here are some things I’m looking out for right now:

Winter wardrobe wants

White jeans. In my mind, these could turn me into one of those chic ladies in winter whites… A girl can dream! It just looks so sleek. Plus it would be nice to break away from the black for a short while at least!

A long sleeve jumper dress. This one is an eternal search. I love jumper dresses for being so easy, cozy and comfortable, whilst looking put together. I’m currently torn between the idea of something sporty (baseball sleeves), something cozy (knitted roll neck) or something simple (stripes or plain)… Preferably one that doesn’t make me look lumpy please though  (#bigbustproblems)

The ASOS long line faux fur vest. It is such a cool layering piece. Over a thick roll neck and jeans? I’ve had this in my saved items for about 3 months, no kidding. It went half price in the sale, as I knew it would, but I just can’t quite click to buy. It is still a fair bit of moolah right now, and I just don’t know if it is *too* trend driven… I may end up just looking out for similar though, and forever scour Ebay for it…

An A-line mini, that isn’t too much on the mini side… Either in a thick textured fabric, or leather… Basically, Jazmine, Katy and Olivia’s posts have meant I cannot get the thought out of my mind. It’d be nice to push myself into wearing skirts again too though

A long tartan/check scarf. I have been somewhat allergic to tartan for a few years since having to wear kilts at school for my teen years, but the trend has finally sunk in. Whilst I cannot cope with tartan in any kind of skirt form, I do like the pop that a big bundled check scarf gives to a plain outfit.

What are you on the hunt for at the moment? Do you plan your purchases like me or just buy whatever strikes your fancy in stores?


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