chambray and curls simple gold jewellery style storage pretty
No matter what I wear at the moment, there is one constant: simple pieces of jewellery, all piled on together. I love that you can be wearing just ankle boots, jeans and a tshirt, and make it all your own with the addition of some select pieces. Different pieces can instantly transform one outfit from sweet and preppy, or minimal, to  grungy cool or bohemian. Multiple rings stacked in different shapes and metals, or simple stud earrings paired with a interesting ear cuff, or a few thin gold chains around your neck, or even just a subtle charm on your wrist. My favourite thing about fashion and style is the detail, and these make me smile with every new combination.

I tend to hunt for piece of jewellery all over the place: charity shops and markets, online handmade stores, and DIYing too. My collection just keeps on growing! Are you a bit of a magpie too when it comes to jewellery?
P.S. that little giraffe ring holder? I adore it. My sister found it for a stocking gift, and it is from the brand UMBRA. They have them in silver too, plus there are loads of other animals. I want the elephant badly! You can find some here

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