So you remember my winter wardrobe wants list? I’ve been ticking some things off that very happily over the last few weeks  thanks to charity shops, Ebay and the sales. And after a fair hunt, I finally found them. The perfect white jeans. Slim but not too tight, mid waist rather than too high or low, and with fabric thick enough to not be see through, but thin enough to actually be able to bend your knees! I feel like Goldilocks. These are just. right. Thank you very much Cheap Monday.
chambray and curls white jeans style winter layered
chambray and curls layered necklaces and rings
chambray and curls white jeans with layers for winter
chambray and curls white blue and tan
chambray and curls red lips and a beanie
Wearing- Jeans: Cheap Monday Straight Jeans in Spring White; Wool Coat: Gap; Striped Tunic: Laura Ashley; Coat: Primark; Necklaces and Boots: Topshop (all sale); Beanie: River Island

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P.S. Hannah did a post the other week called ‘The Perfect Fit‘, all about Cheap Monday and their ethical credits, a must read if you’re trying to make better choices. Plus she looks like the most babeing babe ever in the photos.