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Doing: Lots, it seems! We started the week with Harry’s Mum and Brother to stay for a couple of nights, which was just lovely. It is always nice to host, and look after people a little bit. We don’t get them over from Cyprus very often so it is a fairly special occurrence. I’ve also been getting on with a fair bit of sewing in the evenings this week- I’ve got something I cannot wait to show you! It is so nearly finished..! Yesterday was  bit of a sort out before heading to Brighton to see Carrie and go to dinner with my sister after. A nice week overall.
Loving: La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo +. After getting particularly fed up with my currently congested skin, I bought this at the weekend and it is already seeming to make such a difference! I have a lot of scars and marks from acne and this really does seem to be fading and blurring them already. I wanna give it a few more months before talking about it properly though.
Wearing: My new white jeans! You’ll see them soon, but I’ve finally found my perfect pair. I feel a little bit cool (and more conscious of dirt than ever before!)
Eating: Pie, and quinoa! What a mix 🙂 We bought a lovely pie from a local farm shop for Harry’s family and it was so good. to make up for the pie, we’ve been having a try of some healthy foods too and made a pretty good quinoa salad. Keep an eye on Being Pretty Strong for a recipe.
Daydreaming: Of next week! Only one week until I am on half term from work, and we’ll be jetting off to Barcelona! I am really getting impatient 🙂

Links of the week:
This pretty heart hair tutorial is ever so sweet! I might get all festive come Valentine’s day and give it a go!
These printable Valentine’s Cards are so gorgeous and simple! I am eternally jealous of people who can make such beautiful script, but seeing as I can’t, this’ll have to do. My love might just be getting one of these this year!
Fashion Week season has started, and I cracked up at this Harper’s Bazaar guide to pronouncing fashion brands. Go out and sound knowledgeable- “Actually, I think you’ll find it’s pronounced…”
I am gently obsessing over these shoes. However, getting tyres for my car has to be a priority over new shoes. Gah, being grown up sucks! Anyone want to donate me a Valentine’s gift? No?

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