chambray and curls Travel Barcelona This Week
Barcelona’s national Palace {Image Source}

Doing: Packing! It is holiday time! We’re off to Gatwick tomorrow morning, and this time tomorrow we should be in Barcelona. It is going to be so wonderful. Just look at that photo above! I’ve got my camera charging, my insurance paid for, and my passport ready to go. Holiday time is just the best
Loving: My two cats. They are such pains- they shed fur everywhere, sleep on clean clothes, eat everything in sight but gosh I love them! They’ve both been especially cuddly whils the weather has been dreaful. The snuggles are ever so cute.
Wearing: Deep red nail Varnish. I’ve fallen in love with O.P.I.’s Skyfall from the Bond Collection all over again.
Eating: M&S Dine in for two! Valentine’s was easy 🙂 We’re suckers for steak whenever it is in an offer, so Friday night we sat down for a three course meal and then chocolates and Cava on the sofa whilst watching Friends. Perfect.
Daydreaming: About very little this week. Its been fairly busy and I’ve been too focussed on getting everything done before going away for adventures 🙂

Links of the week:
An Ode to the Troll – I read this post by Anna a few weeks ago and applauded her. Its a goodie for all bloggers to read
I’ve discovered some lovely new blogs this week. I’m particularly loving all Annabel’s advice on natural beauty products over at Fragmented Splendour, and Francesca’s posts at Fall for DIY are some of the most beautifully shot and well finished DIYs I’ve seen. Bucketloads of inspiration.

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