chambray and curls springtime table setting blue yelloow white fresh pretty
Doesn’t that table make you happy? My mama came over for lunch the otehr week and I couldn’t resist making it all as bright and cheery as possible. I love springtime, and I’ve found myself in a very good mood recently. Probably because of a fair few of these things:
1. When almost overnight, new leaf buds, primroses, daffodils and blossoms spring up all over the place. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel cheerful looking at spring flowers. I love seeing the world waking up again after Winter.
2. The first day that it is warm enough to wear just a jumper or cardigan. Ditto wearing flats with no socks or tights. SO good to not be bundled up in layers and layers.
3. Seeing my kittycats sunbathing in pools of sunshine in between chasing butterflies in the garden. (Let’s ignore that they tend to eat the butterflies hey? It looks very cute before that point…)
4. Springcleaning. Clearing out all the piles of junk that build up, moving around furniture and making everything feel fresh, bright and pretty. I’m still baffled by how primitive the urge is to clean as soon as Spring arrives, but I’ll go with it.
5. Lambs! They actually bounce in the fields and it makes me stupidly happy to see. I look out for them on the way to work and when I spot them, I’m that mad lady shouting ‘lambylambylamby’ to herself whilst smiling like a loon as I drive along…
6.Walking into the garden barefoot and feeling the ground warm beneath your feet. If the world wasn’t so icky, I’d love to be barefoot all the time.
7. The beautiful sunsets. We’ve been having the most amazing candyfloss skies at night, that a photograph can never capture so I just stand and take it in.
8. Bunches of daffodils placed by my desk by that sweet man of mine. It brightens up the dullest of days.
9. Rediscovering that salads can be pretty tasty! I love moving away from the stews and casseroles to lighter, fresher meals. Plus everything looks so pretty in the sunshine. Time for the brightly coloured tablecloths
10. The realisation that Summer isn’t far away.


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