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Doing: Reading. I seem to end up sinking into a Harry Potter spiral every holiday. I start reading the first few because they are easy and comforting to read after reading them so often, and then I can’t help but carry on until I’ve read all seven, and end up weeping to myself over it all, not sure where the days disappeared to. I read books six and seven in 2 days and spent most of those days on my bed with the cats next to me and lots of cups of tea whilst I sobbed over Dumbledore. It is intense…
Loving: Easter! I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend filled with family, friends, too much chocolate and hot cross buns. I am far too full after our roast lunch (Yes, this afternoon is a sofa afternoon for sure).
Wearing: Jeans and shirts. All day, errday. They are comfortable and I feel good in them. If I’m just doing bits and pieces around the house or nipping out for short trips, they’re my go-to. Back to my work clothes tomorrow thought so it has been nice to slob about a bit.
Daydreaming: That my holiday was 3 weeks longer! Working in an education environment does mean that you get great holidays but I swear it feels alot harder and almost scarier to go back to work after 3 weeks or more off. I really appreciate the holidays but you definitely feel out of touch, like you’ve lived in a bubble for a while.

Links of the week:
The Fashion Revolution is an amazing idea. We all need to be pushing for more transparency from our clothing brands. If you click one link, make it this one.
Carrie made a dairy free chocolate fudge sauce. I think I want to bathe in it
Trini’s wardrobe essentials make me pretty happy to look at. One day I’ll be that organised
I love this list of books that changed women’s lives. I’ve still read far too few of them but it has told me what to pick up next (maybe a better decision than Harry Potter again)

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