chambray and curls this week
{image source: This Time Tomorrow’s amazing canyon trip}

Doing: Spring cleaning! It is that time of year again when I want to clear out all the random junk that has gathered, repaint yellowing walls and move all the furniture around. And I say that with real pleasure! I love putting on a playlist and getting scrubbing, its pretty cathartic. Making everything fresh, clean and pretty feels good. Plus, I’m constantly amazed by how many different configurations of our furniture are possible. I think Harry really appreciates it…
Loving: The PURE range of skincare I picked up from Waitrose the other week because they were on ridiculous offer. They are all 97-100% natural and fragrance free and everything cost me under £2.00 each. I really love the facial oil especially so far. Will pop up a full review in a couple of wees I think!
Wearing: Lazy clothes mainly. Trackkies for painting, and jeans and striped jumpers otherwise. I’ve been really winding down this week and a big part of that is just not bothering much. I’m feeling a little bored though, so I reckon a few outfit posts will happen next week!
Daydreaming: Of our wedding plans. A year or so feels like a long time but the big things like booking the church and the reception have to be done forever in advance. We’ve got our meeting with the priest this week, which makes the whole thing so much more real! I’ve been letting myself daydream with pretty things on Pinterest whilst there is still so much time for the real practicalities

Links of the week:
I’m obsessed with the textures and tones in Tassia Bianchini’s artwork on tumblr. Makes me want to experiment with oils and pallette knives.
20 ways to turn your life into a Wes Anderson Movie. Slightly tongue in cheek but it made me smile. Wes Anderson definitely has a style and a lot of shots he replicates in all his films, but I love that. I may do more of a fangirling post another day
Since seeing these photos I keep finding the phrases running through my head. What is it about these sorts of ‘soundbites’ that is so engrossing? The promise of better things that seems to lie within them?
I feel like I want to stick this wardrobe advice up on my wall…
If you click on no other link today, please click on this one. My Boss is running his first ever marathon in Brighton today, in aid of St Wilfred’s Hospice in Eastbourne. They provide end of life care for all sorts of people with varying terminal illnesses and only get NHS funding for 15% of their costs. I have known a fair few people who have had to use their facilities. If you have a few spare pennies, send them their way? A huge load of respect and admiration is going out to anyone running today, what an achievement.

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