chambray and curls Waitrose PURE skincare review

A couple of months ago I saw this new range on offer in Waitrose. With it including facial oil and coconut oil scrubs, for under £5 a pop, I couldn’t walk on past without bunging a few into my basket.The Pure range is labeled as ‘natural care for sensitive skin’ with everything being fragrance free. It is certainly not natural skincare (the products contain things the artificially produced version of vitamin E, tocopheryl acetate rather than the natural version for example) but each product is based around some good central ingredients like chamomile, coconut oil and almond oil, and for the price I think that is all you can ask for. Now I’ve had a chance to try it out, here are my thoughts:
I picked up the Facial Oil, the Eye Makeup Remover and the Face Polish and my feelings are mixed.
I’ll get the bad one out the way first- the Face Polish. This is a scrub with shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil and it does the job well enough. I just found the oils sat a little heavily on the skin afterwards, and because it uses salt rather than sugar, it really fricking stings if you have any sore patches. It only costs £2.99 but I think I’d still rather make my own scrub with sugar and coconut oil.
I like the Eye Makeup Remover way more. I tend to use a DIY balm cleanser to remove my makeup but I like to get the eyeliner and mascara off first. I’ve found this very similar to any of my micellar waters for removing eye make up- I put it on a cotton pad, press over my eye for 30 seconds or so, before gently wiping the dissolved makeup away. I don’t have to scrub away, and it doesn’t sting. For £1.99, it is going to be a repurchase for sure. I also think the Facial Oil is great. This is based on sweet almond oil, olive oil and peach kernal oil and I love that it comes in a package with a dropper. I hate having to try to pour out oils, it makes such a mess. The label recommends using this once a week but I have been happy using it in the evenings every day. It feels very light on the skin and I find it a great combination with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +, to stop my skin drying out too much. For £2.99 it is pretty impressive.
I have sensitive skin, with patches of psoriasis, and I easily break out so I feel I can say these seem pretty kind on difficult skin and for the price, I have been pleasantly surprised. A budget skincare find for sure. I may pick up the face cream and beauty balm next time I’m in store, especially as everything is currently on a three for two offer. See, sometimes impulse purchases do pay off!


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