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Doing: a whole jumble of thinking and fretting for no real reason. The last week I’ve definitely been in a bit of a funk. I’ve felt really demotivated and whilst I’ve got a whole load of ideas and thoughts running through my mind, it feels like I’ve got a bit of a block. I feel irritable and antsy and generally not quite myself. I’m going to try and remedy it by being a little productive (ticking a couple of things off that scary to-do list), allowing a little creativity (making or sewing), eating well and getting some exercise (preferably outdoors). Anyone got anything to add to that prescription? What is your failsafe moodbooster?
Loving: Chia pudding. I’ve been having this for breakfast recently and it is amazing. I think I may pop a  recipe up on my healthy living blog soon because it is the best alternative to porridge I have ever found. And it tastes like a treat! Ridiculously good.
Wearing: dull work clothes or slobby leggings. This may be part of the bad mood thing….
Daydreaming: About the sea. Each of these sunny days has got me wondering whether it might be warm enough yet to head down early in the morning and swim. That was one of the best parts of last summer for me, and I’m actually craving that feeling of salt water over my skin, the shock of cold water when you first wade in and the glow once you clamber out. I swear it is good for the soul.
Links of the week:
A little naughty but I couldn’t help but laugh at this Wes Anderson porno spoof. The Owen Wilson at the end nearly killed me!
This week seems like a good week for enterprising moves! The lovely Cat from Take Courage has opened up a new vintage shop Miriam & Hans, filled with gorgeous bits and pieces. I’m in love with the bedspread especially and covet it dearly.
I’m also really enjoying browsing through the new online magazine A Little Opulent, which has been started by Jenny and Rebecca. Beautiful photography, great writing and interesting topics. I really love seeing stuff like this, where people are taking the leap to make something of their own, to take a different path. It always inspires me.
Cat gifs on tumblr always make me laugh. I challenge you not to crack up looking through them! Ahhhh, cats. <3

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