chambray and curls
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Doing: A whole ton it feels! This week flew by at work and I’ve been being a bit more productive at home which has kicked me out of my funk a bit. This Saturday was really busy in a great way and I crammed in a ridiculous amount: Harry and I visited two wedding venues yesterday morning, and we think we’ve found the one perfect for us. I’m actually amused by how excited I am! Then I headed to Brighton and went to a pop up gig by Dizraeli and the Small Gods at Lush, catching up with all the Brighton Blogger girls at Bluebird Tea Store afterwards. More on both of those at some point soon! In the evening I went to my sister’s place for supper and sister time. I stayed over so we could chat more and got home around lunchtime today. I feel a bit overwhelmed through cramming so much into one day so this evening is calling for sofa time I think.
Loving: Indigo. I remember when I was around 14, seeing baskets of Indigo dye in Morocco. I bought a lump as a souvenir and kept it for ages before it crumbled but the colour was the best thing I’d ever seen. Recently I’ve been seeing more and more articles about indigo Shibori dying and I’m itching to try it. My eye just keeps being drawn to indigo fabrics, especially in furnishings. I want an indigo quilt deeply…
Wearing: A new jumper from ASOS Africa. Their fair-trade clothes are such a great example of ethical fashion. It is nice to get that high-street shopping rush whilst supporting better manufacturing practices. Outfit post soon!
Daydreaming: Of a thousand things. I’m in that sort of mode. I’m a fan of a little daydream. It has generally revolved around pretty
Links of the week:
This article stuck a chord! Explaining your job to people whenever you’re in odd creative industries is always an awkward chat. What do you call yourself when your role shifts and changes and when you’re still building your career? Why is it so hard to pin down, to yourself and others?
This DIY upholstered bench is so good, and so simple. I am determined to have a go at making some of my own furniture at some point. I’ve done upholstering before so why not try to go the whole hog, hey?
I am really in love with some of the new season pieces from Wolf & Moon. I posted about them last year and I still love Hannah’s stuff. The V Rope Necklace is a favourite.
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