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Doing: Probably too much thinking. The fretty funk is back and I’m feeling anxious for no real reason, despite really enjoying this weekend. Harry and I looked after my colleague’s dogs yesterday and spent the whole day walking around the village with them before a pub lunch and that was great. Yet I’ve spent today feeling definitely fretty. I’m sure it is probably down to not following the above mantra enough. Aim for this week- get shit done.
Loving: Sunshine and heat. I know it won’t last, but a weekend where I could feel some sun on my limbs and sit in the garden does a whole lot of good!
Wearing: Birkenstocks. I’ve had the same pair of white Arizona’s for 7 years and every summer they are the best sandals ever. I am always pretty happy when it finally gets warm enough to pull them out again. The fact I’ve now had them so long that they are now on trend is a nice bonus!
Daydreaming: About finding a swimming costume which is cute and flattering, fits my bust and is ethically made. I don’t think it exists…

Links of the week:
This table that Essiebutton’s boyfriend Aslan made for her is just so good. Reminds me I want to stop being such a wuss about learning how to use powertools. I wanna make furniture!
With the elections coming up and there being so much angst about welfare and benefits, I loved seeing this quote from J.K. Rowling on why she pays her taxes.
Every week seems to include a link to something about Wes Anderson. Sorry, not sorry. This one is pretty fascinating to me though- a video about how they created the set for The Grand Budapest Hotel

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