*This post is written in collaboration with Gemporia*

Those of you who’ve read my engagement post will know that my engagement ring is an ethical ring. It was made with ethical gold and the gem (a white topaz) is ethically sourced too. We’ve all heard of blood diamonds and of the many mining tragedies over the years and I really felt that I wanted to know that the piece of jewellery I intend to wear for the rest of my life was not produced in misery. When I took my ethical fashion pledge, I was thinking mostly about the people who make my goods and the conditions in which they have to work, and I want that thinking to expand to more than just my clothes. So when Gemporia got in touch, I was really pleased to hear about their ethos.

Basically, Gemporia offer a huge range of jewellery for which the materials are responsibly sourced and offered directly to you. The owners, Steve and Sarah Bennet, work personally with communities in sourcing their gems, and support the Colourful Life Foundation, which increases health and education provision in those communities. Whilst I would love for them to have use officially fairtrade gold in their jewellery, the fact that they work buy directly from the suppliers allows for a much greater clarity in the supply chain. Steve visits the various countries regularly and you can read all about his many trips on their site.

Gemporia Wishlist

In terms of the jewellery itself, there is a huge range, from the classic diamonds to more interesting jewels like Opals, Topaz and Jade. I really like all the information about the different gems in the Learning Library, which is actually really interesting to browse through. The prices are really great and you can find some lovely everyday pieces as well as special occasion jewels like engagement rings. You can browse by gem colour, jewellery type and metal, to find your style of jewellery. I could happily browse through their site for hours, so I’ve put a few of my favourites in the collage above- can you tell I’m fond of minimal gold jewellery? I am utterly in love with the white topaz bracelet, which would look so utterly perfect on my wedding day- it ties in exactly with my ring! What do you think? Any favourites?


*This post was written in collaboration with Gemporia, but all the words and opinions are my own, and none of the links are affiliate links*