I’ve had my trusty Nikon DSLR for 8 years now, and its taken me on many an adventure. Over those years, a lot of trial and error has got me to a point of being comfortable on manual mode. But I am completely self taught and the actual theory of what to do and why, has always been a little hazy. At the weekend I was invited to the #LightsCameraCurrys Photography Workshop with Dade Freeman, and it was brilliant. Finally really understanding what it was doing each time I turn those dials! All the random bits of information I’ve read up on all clicked together. During the first part of the day we were taught all the technical stuff (cue lots of blogger stationary porn for the notes!) and then we got to head out for some challenges around Brighton, using what we learnt and with our cameras firmly on manual mode. I’ve been taking photos with very specific aims in mind recently, the outfit shot, the styled table shot, the pretty product shot… and I had forgotten how much I really love to just play with my camera. To take photos for the sake of seeing what can come out of them. I’d forgotten that ‘taking better photos’ often comes out of allowing yourself the freedom to experiment and that was a lesson well worth learning.

chambray and curls deck chairs on brighton beach

using points of interest
chambray and curls cyclist frozen in the moment

freezing action
chambray and curls symmetry in door details

finding symmetry
chambray and curls alleyway bathed in light and shadow

leading lines
chambray and curls merrygoround in motion

capturing movement

I am thinking about doing a short set of posts about photography basics over the coming months. Would that interest you? Now that it is all so much clearer, I feel talking about it and explaining it will just help embed it all in my mind.
If you’re local to Brighton and are interested in photography, Dade runs a Brighton Photographers Group who do all sorts of workshops and walks. Its free to join and seems like a brilliant way to allow yourself to play about with the skills you learn. Also, take a peek at the #LightscameraCurrys tag on twitter to see the posts from other bloggers, and the photos they took. There are some beauts!


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