chambray and curls tea party brownies and strawberries
chambray and curls choose your own tea
chambray and curls sweet baby girl
chambray and curls tea party table spread
chambray and curls brighton bloggers together
chambray and curls wildflowers on the table

Last weekend I had a few of my Brighton Blogging gals across to my house for a bit of a tea party. We rarely get the chance to catch up when we aren’t at some kind of blog related event, so an afternoon dedicated to food, tea and chatting with nothing else to think about sounded like a good idea to me. I love putting on little gatherings, because it allows for me to go overboard with decorating and laying out all of the pretty crockery I can lay my hands on! I pushed the dining table to the end of the room, cut a ton of wildflowers from down the road, added all of the blue and white plates and multiple varieties of tea. Can’t have a tea party without tea can you? The girls turned up laden with even more goodies, and a very cute babe in tow (Lauren made the cutest child!). Pretty much the recipe for a perfect afternoon, and that it certainly was. Moments like these remind me how grateful I am for blogging. It can be quite an isolating world out there, in a post university situation it can be quite hard to meet people who aren’t your colleagues. It is pretty special to have something that allows you to bond with others and find brilliant friends in people you would never have met otherwise. Sometimes the internet is a great place, isn’t it?


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