Is there anything easier than putting on a strip top, denim and a few touches of red? I swear its the way to feel instantly put together. When I started on my ethical fashion pledge, I knew I would end up hunting out a quality striped mariniere… A girl can never have too many striped tops, right? This one I couldn’t resist. I went into Our Daily Edit in Brighton (the most beautifully laid out shop, filled with delicious silky tops, bright sandals and chunky jewellery) and gravitated straight to the little row of stripes, happy to discover they were Armor Lux. Armor Lux are a french brand who make traditional mariniere tops (just like Coco Chanel used to wear), in France, and with fairtrade cotton. Not a bad investment for £45, I reckon. It certainly is more than the H&M or Gap alternatives but I really like the idea that If I keep slowly buying a quality piece every month or so, I’ll have a cupboard full of high quality, fairly made pieces in a few years time. It feels good to be following the ‘buy less, buy better’ rules right now.
chambray and curls striped mariniere
chambray and curls Armor Lux French Striped Mariniere
chambray and curls boyfriend jeans and striped top chambray and curls classic summer outfit
chambray and curls tortoiseshell glasses and red lip
wearing // Denim: GAP (old); Ballet pumps: Primark (old); Mariniere: Armor Lux; Glasses: London Retro Fitzrovia


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