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{ Because this is how I want to be living life when I’m old. Photo by Arlene Gottfried from here }

Doing: A nice amount of catching up with friends. It has been half term week, so Harry and I headed up to Manchester for some adventuring. I love exploring cities and we ate all the food and saw all the lovely people. Lots of catching up and late evenings talking and putting the world to rights. Plus, this weekend I caught up with some of my favourite Brighton girls, who came over for a tea party. Food, tea, chatter and a cute baby in a tutu- what more could you ask for?
Loving: Milkmaid braids. I have FINALLY worked out how to do these so I don’t feel like a middle-aged German hausfrau and so I’ve found myself wearing my hair up so much more often. Such a relief for my tangled locks!
Wearing: Boyfriend denim, again and again. It just feels so summery and easy! All my other trousers have fallen by the wayside recently… You’ll see an outfit post soon
Daydreaming: Of proper heat, and beaches. My mum has just come back from a holiday in Greece, and my guy is flying back to Cyprus for a few weeks tomorrow… I’ve got sunshine envy! Does anyone else get ridiculous holiday urges as soon as summer rolls around?
Links of the week:
Life can be expensive sometimes can’t it? I’ve got vet bills to pay and an exhaust pipe to replace this month… and I know that towards the end of the month when money is feeling tight, it it so easy to feel rubbish and a little stir-crazy. I love these tips for having fun when you are low on cash. I feel these might be called upon over the next few weeks! Ah well, at least it isn’t all bad.
Maya Angelou was an incredible woman, so full of intelligence and grace.This list of her best quotes says it all.
This video about the response of astronauts who have seen the earth from space is fascinating. Literally a different world view. I felt in awe of what they were saying and it was a great reminder of how this world of ours is so interconnected.
On a less thoughtful note, I give you a slideshow of rappers with puppies. That is all.

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