chambray and curls
Doing: A lot of work and family time. I had a play to get put on in my last week of work, and its been a bit of a tough few weeks for my family too. A lot of my stuff has slid (mainly blog related) whilst I’ve put my love and energy into looking after my sister and mum but we’re getting through things.I’m always slightly taken aback at just how strongly you can love your family and I’m thankful on a daily basis for these two women in my life.
Loving: Being outdoors. Thank goodness for that burst of sunshine! We’ve all needed a little recuperation time and the two solid days spent on the beach last week were just that. I finally got my first sea swim of the summer and I keep thinking of the phrase above by Isak Dinesen, because I always find the sea makes my soul feel a little better. Sitting in the garden, walking along the coast, going to the sea, I always feel so much calmer for just being able to take in the world around me a little more. Plus, its nice to see the freckles popping up on my nose, and my curls getting a little wilder from the salty water.
Wearing: Maxi skirts, shorts, frayed hem jeans, loose trousers and very little make up. Hello summer!
Daydreaming: Of very little. I’ve been too busy to stop and think too much but sometimes that’s a good thing. There’ll be plenty of time for daydreaming…

Links of the week:
I love this guide to assessing the quality of fabrics. I’m a complete fabric snob and spend all my time stroking clothes in stores to decide whether I like them! If you’re trying to buy better quality basics, this will help!
Lyndsay’s post about Organ Donation is so important. Talk about it with your family, let people know what you think. Noone likes to think of the worst happening but should it happen, make sure things go the way you would like afterwards. It could stop another family becoming broken.
On a more cheerful note, these sets of dogs in photobooths make me ridiculously happy. One to be bookmarked for any dreary days. Just look at their faces!!

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