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Doing: Goodness its been another one of those months. It has been exactly one month since Harry and I moved back up to Manchester but SO much has gone on since then. Unpacking, Ikea trips, new job starting (Harry), trips back down south for old job ending (me), a visit from my sister and a fair few breakfasts and dinners out and about round our new area. Now that I am officially no longer employed at my old job, and I’m not having to rush off anywhere else for the foreseeable, it is time to settle into a new routine and plan things out for a new path at work. Its been busy and rushed and scary but amazing. I’m really enjoying taking stock and seeing where life takes us from here.
Loving: Plants. A bit of a weird one but so far, every flat we have lived in has been dark and plants have perished no matter what. So being in a flat which is really bright and light (so important for me seeing as Manchester is *ahem* not the sunniest place…) is a novelty and I have crammed plants into pretty much every place I can. Miniature jungle, here we come.
Wearing: A really attractive mix of tracksuit bottoms and slubby tees at home, and my backstage work uniform of black jeans and black top. Exciting! No wonder outfit posts have been scarce on the ground… Note to self- make more of an effort
Daydreaming: Mainly about work. I’m at a bit of a crossroads career wise now, and I have to admit, the sheer number of paths I could take is a bit overwhelming for me. I am trying to take stock and work out where I want to go, and how to get there.
Links of the week:
This set of 5 sayings to keep you grounded was exactly what I needed to read in the middle of all this transition
I have loved following the War on Want campaign #dontmentionthegarmentworkers during this LFW. A good reminder that fashion has its dark side…
Eating: A Manifesto. How many of you can recognise that desire to have your food choices validated. Isn’t it just plain old weird how much our relationship with food is tinged by guilt and shame?
The easy fashionista guide for shopping – Who What Wear’s A/W shopping checklist

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