Today is Buy British Day and for an ethical shopper, that’s a great thing. I am a big fan of  British fashion manufacturing, partly because it is such a huge part of our history that has faded over the last few decades. Watching people trying to reestablish forgotten skills, create quality products and celebrate our textiles past is pretty cool. So, if there was ever a moment to have a look at some of the great brands who are made in Britain, today’s the day! Here’s a list of my favourites, with a few cheeky deals in there too:

Grace Gordon
Grace Gordon Tote
Oh the delicious buttery leather bags, with a perfect scandi sleekness. Every single thing about the brand is exquisitely designed, from the lookbook to the dust bags. All the leather is vegetable tanned, and sourced in the UK before being made into beautiful bags in London. I’m a complete sucker for the Cara and the Laura bag- mine and my sister’s names! The pale pink Ellie tote also has a special place in my heart- just look at it! Sod Mulberry, these please.
Shop HERE and enter the code BUYBRITISH for 10% off today.

Lexie Sport
 Lexie Sport Exercise Clothes
You know, I don’t love exercise. At all. But these clothes make me want to be a runner. They have that cool girl vibe down. Stepping away from old gym tees, Lexie produces truly beautiful, functional sportswear. Its a proper English affair too- as they say, it was designed in Hampshire, sampled in Cardigan, photographed in London and made in Britain. These are the ones to watch because they’ve already been featured in a whole host of top fashion editorials. Get some fashion kudos down the gym and support these guys.

Stella + Alf
Stella + Alf Cosy Stripe Knit
I’ve talked about these guys before, and my love is still strong. Made by Paris Hodson in Lincolnshire, Stella + Alf produces beautiful, simple clothes, using gorgeous fabric all either made in the UK or sourced ethically. I absolutely love her aesthetic and I am so sorely tempted by the cocoon tunic right now. How perfect does that look to snuggle into this Autumn? Anyway, she’s the one to look to for beautiful basics and stripes, lots of stripes. And we all know that stripes are always a good thing, don’t we?

Thoroughly BritishEtrala on Thoroughly British
Not a brand, more a boutique but a favourite nonetheless. Thoroughly British does what it says on the tin and stocks a range of British made brands, including the lovely Stella + Alf. It can be pretty hard trying to navigate yourself towards ethically produced or british made clothing and I love being able to browse through their site, knowing they’ve got you covered with where and how everything has been made. Covering from basics to bridalwear, its a great place to visit.
Shop HERE and today, get 10% off everything today with the code BUYBRITISH

Mod Dolly Fashion
ModDolly Loobook Olivia Purvis
Fun and young, full of great prints and cute smock dresses, Mod Dolly is just brilliant. All designed and made in Britain, led by blogger Amy He, they are such a great go to for on trend clothes with a bit of heart. Check out the patterns and co-ords for very London fashion style and don’t forget to browse the lookbooks for inspiration.

Croft Mill Fabrics
Croft Mill British Wool
IF you’re more into a little bit of DIY sewing, this one is for you. It can be so hard to find the provenance of fabrics, which is really frustrating when you’re trying to buy ethically. No point in making it ethically if the materials have been made in a sweatshop without you knowing… Croft Mill are so great at listing where their fabrics are from and have a gorgeous range of UK made fabrics.
Shop the range HERE

I hope that has inspired you to have a little browse and a shop, and get involved with supporting some of the amazing British fashion brands around right now. Do you have any new favourites?


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