Winter style oversized knit and jeans
Big chunky knitwear seems to be everywhere at the moment and I for one am pretty happy with this. I think an oversize top of any sort, paired with skinny jeans, is an outfit I feel most ‘me’ in, at any event, any time of the year. I bought this knit tunic second hand on eBay right at the start of the year and have happily pulled it out again now that temperatures have dropped again.
But enough about that. This outfit is really all about my two new favourite accessories – this hat and that clutch. The boy gave me this beautiful Catarzi hat for my birthday and it makes me feel like Stevie Nicks, which makes me very happy. As for the clutch, I’ve been crushing over the many, many faux fur clutches all over the internet since fashion week and decided to get on and DIY one for myself. It worked out like a dream and I want to wear it everywhere. Not practical? Fine.
(P.S. There will be a tutorial for the clutch up later this week if you want a go yourself!)
Floppy brim hat and faux fur clutch
ASOS Catarzi Floppy Hat
oversize knit Ethical style buy second hand first
Oversize faux fur clutch style

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