chambray and curls{Doesn’t this look like a blissful, cosy spot? Reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Click image for source}

Doing: a little bit of forward planning. The boy and I are headed to his family in Cyprus for Christmas this year and a little bit of sunshine and family time will be an absolute tonic. I keep remembering the lovely time we had last time I went for Christmas and feeling rather excited! I cannot wait to swim in the sea again. In the meantime though, we need to get all of our Christmas shopping done a little earlier and generally get a bit organised! We also realised we need a plant sitter- I’ve managed to keep those babies alive for nearly 4 months, I’m not failing now! Funny the things that start making you feel like more of a grown up

Loving: The Christmas lights up around town. If you’ve never been to Manchester in Winter before, I should tell you it gets made over big style. The markets take over the City and absolutely everywhere is lit up. I’m especially fond of the golden lights in all the trees and it makes these dark days much more bearable.

Wearing: Second hand of course! If you’ve popped over to the blog any time this week or follow me on twitter, you’ll have seen about #secondhandfirst week. It has been great pulling out my favourite charity shop and eBay finds and a great reminder that not everything needs to be new.

Daydreaming: About my wedding dress. Very girly of me I know, but my mum was up last weekend for my birthday and we managed to make major progress with fitting and sewing my dress (turns out it is pretty hard to fit your own bodice… Thanks mum, couldn’t have done it without you!). After about 5 months of picking a dress apart, adding in new fabrics, creating new shapes, altering necklines, sleeves and fits, I have something that is very close to a finished dress! I’m spending my evenings doing a lot of handsewing of the detailing and  feeling very excited about it being finished sometime soon.

Links of the week:
I am very much a fan of this scarf from Beaumont Organic. It looks very cosy!
With the Christmas Shopping underway, I’ve loved browsing through this list of ethical suppliers. So many great ideas and beautiful stores!
I’ve been getting that end of year itch to change up the design of this space. I want to give it all an overhaul and so I’ve bookmarked this article as a great guide to styling and branding your online space.
Miista’s streetsyle shots are always such a source of inspiration. People are so cool, how do they do it?

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