Cyprus seaside

Why is it that the sight of clear turquoise sea feels so good for the soul? I’m in Cyprus for Christmas with Harry’s family and I can feel the rest and the sunshine doing a whole world of good. On bright mornings we’ve been sneaking off to the deserted beaches to swim and it is beautiful. Manchester is great and all but sometimes sun, sea and sand is just what the body needs.

Who else is feeling a little shellshocked that Christmas is under a week away now? I feel almost a little upside down being transported to a place full of craggy mediterranean rocks and palm trees at the same time as making mince pies! These photos don’t seem to fit with time at all!  That said, the abundance of citrus fruits and Cypriot Christmas pastries do wonders to get you in a festive mood. I’m eating as many Kourabiedes and Melamakarona as I can manage! It seems that Christmas overeating is a staple whatever the weather is like…
salty curls and sunglasses
deep blue water
beach parasols

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