winter style inspiration from Salo Shayo{Alllll about the turtlenecks right now. So much love for this photo! Click it for the source}

Christmas present hunting and making! We’re off to Cyprus next Sunday so everything needs to be bought, made, wrapped and sent off by then. I’ve been sewing some gifts and I’ve been at it in every spare minute this week- I think my sewing machine is about to pack its bags and leave! It is fun getting everything ready but I think I’m going to feel a bit confused when it is all sorted 10 days before Christmas!
Elvis & Kresse. I posted about them yesterday but I am so in love with their company ethos and their products. Don’t forget, there’s 15% off with the code ‘chambray’
All of the hats and scarves. We got a cold snap this week and I’ve been bundling up like mad. I am always the one with a scarf and a hat on once it goes below 10 degrees celcius- if I don’t wear them, I end up with a stinking cold, everytime. Wrap up warm kids!
Of a holiday in the sun, and family time. It is just going to be wonderful.
Links of the week:
I am so inspired by this collection of street style photos. I love seeing the differences in styles across the UK, and seeing how different cities have completely different vibes.
I always read all of the Harry Potter articles on Buzzfeed but this one absolutely killed me laughing. So many are so good. Tumblr, I salute you.
So apparently everyone is leaving London. I have never wanted to live in London- am I the only one? Smaller cities like Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and Newcastle feel like they have so much more life to me. People actually get to live in them rather than just go to work. Do you reckon this is the start of a shift away from London centred living?
This. Ron Swanson forever (literally).

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