Agios Gorgios Beach, Cyprus
{Agios Georgios Beach the other day}

Exploring Cyprus! I’ve been to stay in Cyprus a few times now and still, there is so much to see. I’ve been allowed to play tourist this time, taking trips up the coast, and into the mountains. I am always amazed how much landscapes can alter within small distances and Cyprus has so much more than its beaches (although I am very much a fan of those too).
Family time and rest time. Harry and I now both live a long way away from our families and there can be some long old gaps in visits. Times like Christmas are great reasons to be able to justify a long old journey and catch up with loved ones. When that also involves a bit of time away from it all, it is all the more wonderful. Have you begun your Christmas break yet?
A bare face and Adidas slides. It feels like summer all over again!
About the changing year. Come December, I can’t help but find myself reflecting over the year that has gone by, and wonder about what the next one has to come.
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Whilst I’m talking about reflecting on the past year, Jennie’s post about ways in which 2014 has changed her was a wonderful read. She has some very wise words and I have so much admiration for her outlook and the things she has done.
On the same theme, this list of inspirational women and the things they have achieved this year is just… exactly the sort of thing I needed to read. There a a huge amount of brave, good people in this world and it is nice to remember that.
I was intrigued by the idea that winter darkness can be a positive power in our lives. I struggle with the winter but there is definitely truth in the idea that we now are not forced to switch off by night falling, that we are more overstretched by being active at all hours. What do you think?
Christmas is a tough time for many. I’ve always had conflicted feelings about it, as I’m always so very aware of how lucky I am and how hard and lonely a time of year it is for huge numbers of people. One year when I am able to stay in my own city for Christmas, I want to volunteer on Christmas day but until then, I’ll send some good wishes via the Crisis Christmas Appeal. For £21.62, someone can have a proper Christmas day, as well as vital care and aid. As the numbers of people calling on food banks shows, all too often there is a fine line between being able to keep a roof over your head and not. Whilst I am able to enjoy a happy Christmas with loved ones, it only seems right to try and share a bit with those that can’t right now.

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