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Doing: all things wedding! This week included finishing designing the invites, getting them printed and sent out, finishing the wedding website for all the guest information, emailing far too many people and an absolute ton of wedding dress sewing. I am ridiculously excited that my dress is now structurally finished! I just have finishing details to go and it is so satisfying to see it come together how I wanted. We have 10 weeks until the wedding and it is all starting to feel very real, in a great way.
Loving: Manchester. Harry and I have been making an effort to go out and about at the weekends, meeting up with friends and exploring new spots, making me fall in love with this city all over again. We are so lucky to have everything literally on our doorstep but it is easy to get in a rut so we’ve been actively trying out somewhere new each week. Going for coffee, having brunch with friends, wandering around the city and art galleries… Life is good.
Wearing: The jumper from last week’s style post! It is so warm and so snuggly and so easy to wear that I have been finding myself pulling it out the wardrobe on every occasion! It is however, the fuzziest jumper on earth and I’ve been finding black fluff absolutely everywhere…
Daydreaming: Of the future. As the reality of getting married kicks in, Harry and I have found ourselves talking about and planning what we want to do over the coming year, individually and together: Trips we want to make, things we want to achieve and generally thinking about this life we’re building together. It keeps giving me a little excited twist in my tummy!

Links of the week:
Sophie’s Minimal Wardrobe 12 month update was a great read. I do like finding inspiration from others who are trying to step away from the more consumerist approach to style and fashion.

Valentine’s day is looming and gift guides are everywhere. So far, the only one which has really stuck home is this one, with 25 Gift Ideas based on the 5 Love Languages. (if that means nothing to you, you can take the test here). Things that don’t have to cost anything but will actually make your loved on feel cherished… what is not to like!

Who doesn’t like a little midwinter wanderlusting? This gallery of beaches had me wanting to visit every single one.

Whilst I’ve been wedding planning, the thought of being a wife has hit me and the term doesn’t feel like it fits yet. So cue the most perfectly timed discussion on The Man Repeller… why is it that the title of ‘wife’ can seem like it takes away from so many other areas? It clearly doesn’t have to.

I’m definitely guilty of getting the Sunday Night Blues and this post on how to make Mondays work for you might be just the thing to kick me into starting the week happy.

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