green and white bridal bouquet
{my bridal bouquet}

Doing: Well… I went and got married! Last weekend was just the best weekend ever. Having our families and best friends celebrating with us in the sunshine, surrounded by beautiful countryside, was just bliss. Everyone worked so hard to make it just what we wanted and I feel almost overwhelmed by all the love we have been shown. It was the most incredible start to our married life and I cannot WAIT to share the photos with you soon.

Loving: Free time. It feels totally surreal that we aren’t getting everything ready for this big event any more- I can actually do nothing all weekend! I’m so looking forward to getting back to blogging and photographing and doing all the little things that have been pushed to the side by wedding planning.

Wearing: the same things over, and over. I’m feeling in a bit of a style rut right now- I don’t seem to have many clothes that work for the sunny days that aren’t summer. I always feel a little stuck when the seasons change and I adjust to finding new staples. Does anyone else find that? I’m never comfortable baring too much skin either, so finding long sleeve tops that work for the warmer weather is my current challenge. Ethical basics, on a budget, that feel like me? It is a big old task…

Daydreaming: Of hot summer days and adventures. Now the wedding is over, the next plan is to decide where to go for honeymoon! I’m doing a lot of wanderlusting right now!

Links of the week:
The news coming out of Nepal this weekend is just awful. My thoughts and prayers are with all those people left without their loved ones, without their homes and without water, food and electricty. All of my respect and admiration is with those working out there to find people, and trying to make them safe. Nepal is going to need a lot of help over the coming months and years to recover from this and I know that my help, even in a small way, is better than none.There are lots of appeals for aid donations and so I’m linking a few here:
Oxfam // Unicef // Action Aid
You’ll know from my last post that it was Fashion Revolution Day on Friday and it was so great to see so much response to the issue. I really feel like 2015 might see some real pressure on brands to change production processes and increase transparency. I loved seeing all the things people did to celebrate the day, especially these gorgeous screensavers Hannah made!
All this free time means my creative fingers are itching. I am in love with this fringe clutch from A Pair and a Spare, and I reckon it might just be my next project!

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