The Lost Gardens of Manchester

Doing: Some fun things! Last weekend was filled with markets, and brunch and art galleries, and I also met some lovely fellow bloggers and brilliant Manchester brands at the Press Tent event on Wednesday. Sometimes life is so full and living in the middle of the city feels like the best thing ever.
Loving: The newest addition to the family! If you follow me on instagram you’ll have spotted a sweet little black and white kitty around… His name is Otis and we got him from the RSPCA a couple of weeks ago. He has been settling in so well and evenings cuddling him are pretty darn lovely! Expect lots more kitty spam…
Wearing: Black, black and more black… When will I fall in love with colour again? It seems to have been years…!
Daydreaming: Of sunshine. This weather is really beginning to get to me – so much rain and drizzle and cold… Can you believe it is almost June? It feels more like March and I’m fed up of it. I want bright mornings and golden evenings…

Links of the week:
Loved reading both of these articles on ethical fashion, brilliant advice on how and why to get started with buying ethically: 5 Steps to build an ethical Wardrobe and 6 myths about buying ethical clothing.
There is a lot of talk about being a girlboss, how being in charge is awesome and something we should all aspire to. Now I love those ladies, and seeing their success, but there is a little whisper that says ‘Maybe that isn’t what I want’… so reading this was really interesting.
Fall for DIY always has great post but seeing as we’re currently removing all plants from surfaces thanks to the kitty cat, this beautiful hanging planter is definitely on my project list!
The Irish Referendum was just SO uplifting to watch over the last few days. From people flying home to vote, to the crowds on the streets and the final result. After the last few months, it is so good to see people fighting and voting for equality. Love is for everyone and the rainbows over Dublin agree!

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