Manchester Yoga Central at the Escape With Ocean Event
Life has been a little frazzled over the last few months… Somehow I don’t seem to be finding time for everything I want to do, and things have felt a little tough. Everyone has periods like this, I know, but it meant that when an invite popped into my inbox from Ocean Finance, it came at just the right time.So, last Sunday afternoon, I spent a blissful afternoon at the Victoria Warehouse Hotel with a group of Manchester bloggers, doing Yoga, relaxation sessions and spa treatments!
Liverpool Warehouse Hotel Manchester for the Escape With Ocean EventYoga Manchester Central Yoga StudioThe afternoon was set up brilliantly. It started with an hours worth of Yoga with Nikki from Manchester Yoga Central in one of the most beautiful and serene spaces I’ve seen- Brick walls, wood floors, open windows with the wind rustling through the trees outside. I do Yoga once a week and always find it ridiculously beneficial, for both working my body and calming my mind. This was no exception!

The yoga was followed up by a mix of blissful treatments- I plumped for the back and head massage which was absolutely brilliant. My neck and shoulders always ache (life in front of a computer screen does that to you!) so, combined with the yoga, this was just what I needed! The hotel is gorgeous, with everywhere styled with the perfect mix of bohemian and industrial features- it was pretty much my dream home! This would be the perfect place to take my favourite ladies for a bit of a treat if they visit me up here- organic cakes and spa treatments anyone?

With the focus of the day being stress relief, we were given an amazing talk with Rachel Watson on relaxation methods, designed to make switching off easier. I don’t know about you, but switching the constant buzz in my mind off is one of the hardest things for me. Using methods like tapping and visualisation, we practiced winding down our minds, getting close to mediation. I was really surprised by just how soothed I felt after just a short while, and I am really enjoying using her CD at the moment. Having guidance through the motions makes such a difference to how easy I find it to let things go out of my mind.

With a goody bag full of healthy treats in hand (the Metcalfe’s popcorn and Itsu thins have been so good to take in to work over the last week!), I finished the weekend feeling so soothed. Thank you so much Ocean, and all of the amazing women involved for SUCH a great escape!