Wide Brim Black Hat
Can you ever go wrong with black jeans and a denim jacket? I’ve been wearing this jacket every darn day since getting it – every summer wardrobe needs a denim jacket! The same is true of this gorgeous necklace from Twinface Jewellery- a Manchester brand I am in LOVE with (I’ll be doing a bigger post on them later). I feel a little like Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks when I’m wearing it and it makes everything look better. Summer days definitely seem to be calling for summer uniforms…
Black jeans and denim jacket
Wide brim hat summer uniform
Black tee with Twinface Jewellery Hammered Moon Necklace
Summer uniform denim and hats

Wearing- Jeans and Jacket: eBay; Tee and Bag: Charity Shop; Hat: Catarzi at ASOS; Sandals: Sam Edelman (very old! Almost a decade old in fact!); Hammered Moon Necklace: Twinface