vintage embroidered maxi dress in the park
I’ve missed doing this little catch ups recently, especially as life has been busy and so much has gone on! Here’s a little fill in on what has been going on for the last few weeks!

Doing: Enjoying the sunshine. It does the soul good to wake up to blue skies, I swear! I am one of those people that it can never really be too hot for- even if I’m sitting half naked in my knickers sweating, I’m happy! I managed an afternoon in the park on Friday too, with an M&S picnic and lots of chatting with the husband, which was bliss. However, my 8 year old beloved DSLR finally bit the dust whilst we were trying to take photos- so enjoy the one salvagable photo above! A bit blurry, overexposed but the very last photo from that old camera so I had to put it in. Its replacement is on its way but I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to my old friend- it has been on many an adventure with me!
Loving: My new hair! I have had the itch to change things up a bit for a while, and decided to go for dip dye- I can always chop it off if I get bored, with no damage to the rest of my hair! It feels fun and is a big change but I like it. And as Harry has teased me, this totally helps my all black clothing habit- the hair adds a bit of colour now! For a better photo, have a look at my instagram.
Wearing: Midi dresses. At any chance I can get! I always feel way too exposed in over the knee dresses so I’ve been loving breezy midi dresses during this heatwave. I have a floaty white one I found the other week that I cannot wait to wear with a wide brim straw hat and a pretty pair of sandals. Summer uniform, right there.
Daydreaming: Of our honeymoon. My trip to our place in France the other week went by in a total flash and left me all the more impatient to go away! The hot weather is making me crave days by the sea, fresh fruit and wanders round pretty towns. We have booked to go to Sicily at the very end of August and I cannot. wait. Bring on the Gelato! If anyone has any must see places in the south east of Sicily, let me know!
Links of the week:
Who has watched Rihanna’s ‘Bitch better have my money’ video? The song is damn catchy, for sure, but this article says everything I could ever want to say about the video…  Sexualised violence against women shouldn’t be celebrated, whether it is orchestrated by a man or a woman.
I’m considering FINALLY making the move to my own domain but constantly put off by the work involved with getting links organised etc. This post on how to fix broken links from Hello Terri Lowe makes it all so clear and simple!
I’ve been really missing open space and green fields this summer- I love being in the city but I’m a country girl at heart and sometimes I need to get out and away. I’ve now added another 16 places to the UK wanderlust list thanks to this!
Great to see some of my favourite brands in this Guardian ethical style guide! I am dying over the palm print jumpsuit!

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend- how has your week been? Tell me your news!