in the sea
{I got to see the sea last weekend and I can’t wait for summer swims. Image source unknown, let me know if you know where it is from!}

Doing: a lot of catching up! I headed down to Brighton last weekend for my big sister’s birthday celebrations which gave me the chance to really spend some nice time with her and my mum too. Before heading back, I was able to squeeze in a coffee with the lovely Lauren from Belle Du Brighton (and her gorgeous babies! I could cuddle Arlo all day if he’d let me!) and chat about life since the last time we were able to see each other. Back up in Manchester, I’ve been loving exploring new parts of Manchester with my friend Lola- an afternoon spent in HOME, having lunch and then vintage shopping is my idea of a great afternoon! Time with friends and family is so good for the soul.

Loving: my new camera. I bit the bullet and got a shiny new Nikon D5300 after my old camera bit the dust and it is so. cool. I plumped for this one because of the WIFI and the adjustable screen (sucker for the new tech!). Already, it has been so much fun and allowed me to play around with shots so much more than before. Here’s hoping this one can last me as well as my old one!

Wearing: All black, or all white. I seem to have lots the ability to wear ANY colour recently! I can’t help it, I just really like black and white…

about winning the lottery. A bit of a randome one I know, but I watched that doc on BBC Iplayer about the 17 year old who won £1m and I’ve found mysekf thinking what I would do with that cash if it were me… It seems funny, money can solve a few problems but really I don’t know if it would change all that much. £1m might barely get you a family home in London… what a strange old world. Anyway, seeing as I don’t even play the lottery, I’m 100% certain the daydreaming is very much in vain!

Links of the week:

I’m gently obsessed with this DIY fringe clutch and I think I’m going to have to make one of my own. So perfect for summer!

Seeing Rosie’s wedding snaps has made me all sentimental for my wedding day. I fricking love weddings! So much happiness and love makes me all weepy in a good way. Yes, I am officially the soppiest.

I’ve been windowshopping lots over the last few weeks and I would very much like everything from Suite Hazen to transfer itself into my home and my wardrobe please. So gorgeous!

Having received a lot of questions about being married at 26 (hardly a teen bride…!) I found this article In Defence of Marrying Young really interesting. Why does so much of society believe marriage before your thirties, before babies and mortgages means that you must be missing out, or that you will grow apart?

I’m always on the lookout for pretty fonts and Ami has put together such a gorgeous selection!

I can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous dress by Reclaimed Vintage on ASOS. Sure, I’d be able to wear it on about 2 days a year in England, but it is SO damn pretty.

Catch up with Chambray and Curls:

// Slides // Twinface Jewellery //

How about you? How has your week been? Anything fun or exciting? I’d love to know!