Do you know the best thing about paring down my wardrobe? Accessories. Now I have a pretty simple wardrobe, there are a lot of pieces I wear again and again. Take these jeans and t shirt- I can confirm I definitely wear both at least once a week (and let’s be honest- often at the same time!).
I am a total repeat offender. But it is always a little bit magic how accessories can transform it into a whole new outfit.

Trying out the bandana trend

This week I’m feeling a little bit rockabilly, what with the cleated soles, bandana and cat eye sunglasses. After finding myself obsessing over bandanas from liking one too many instagram photos of girls looking really hot, all casually (marketing, it works, people), I couldn’t resist trying out the trend. Now if only I could work out how to get that perfect knot around the neck, and the nonchalant attitude to go with it… A girl can dream! Anyone got any tips? 

white bandana headscarfhow to style a bandana headscarf

ASOS cateye sunglasses and white bandana headscarf rockabilly style

Wearing- Tee and bandana: Charity shop; Jeans: Charity shop and DIYed by me; Cat Eye Sunglasses: ASOS (similar here); Cleated sole pointed flats: Office (made in spain, yay! On sale, yay!)