double height glass windows beautiful living room
{Isn’t this room a dream? This is my ultimate fantasy space- huge windows, wood floor, greenery and simple furniture. Where can I get mine please? Photo credit}

Doing: Sewing and outfit planning! The honeymoon is only a week away and I am so excited. We’re heading to Brighton next Friday for a couple of days with friends and family before flying out to Sicily on the Monday. It is finally here! Anyway, I’ve been picking up bits and pieces from the local second hand shops, doing some alterations and browsing eBay like a demon! Does anyone else love buying clothes perfect for a particular location? I feel like going to Sicily is just asking for lots of white and stripes and a few glamorous dresses for the evenings. I’ve found some real gems and I cannot wait to wear them! This trip is going to be so amazing!

Loving: Manchester Coffee. Over the last few weeks we’ve taken to going for little coffee dates. Half an hour or so, catching up on life and planning out adventures, with a really delicious coffee. Yes, please! The Northern Quarter has a ridiculous number of places to choose from but our favourites right now are Foundation Coffee House, Common and Chapter One.

Wearing: Far too many autumnal choices for my liking. The other day involved knitwear… I am not ready for this!

Daydreaming: Of lots of plans and ideas and adventures.Things are in a bit of a transition phase right now so there are lots of what-ifs and maybes running around my mind. To be honest, I’d quite like to switch those thoughts off for a while. Counting chickens before they’re hatched and all that…

Links of the week:

There are so many resources about blogging, what to do and how, but sometimes you come across a really great bit of advice. This post on How to Track the Success of your Content is so succinct and clear, it is definitely one to save and refer back to.

I have become totally, completely and utterly obsessed with Fran’s YouTube channel. The videos are chatty and refreshingly normal and I am addicted. One of the things I love the most is this series of videos between her and her husband, whilst he was away on tour. What with Fran talking about the loneliness of being left behind, and Ed’s thoughts on the bittersweet reality of going home to a place that is no longer home, this was truly one of the most touching things I’ve seen on the internet. Well worth a watch!

Thought this article had an interesting point, Do you think trends are over? I’m not so sure. I do think shopping habits are beginning to shift slightly towards finding your own style, but that doesn’t have to deny the influence of trends. Are we becoming more conscious shoppers?

Goodness me, the blog world has been full of drama over the last week or so.. What with #BloggerBlackmail and all the surrounding hubbub, it can be hard to ignore the drama, But after reading all that jazz, it was lovely to see this post pop up in my feed. Positivity and kindness goes a long way people!

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I hope you’ve all had a good week. Tell me your news! Any favourite discoveries?